February 4, 2022

How where you work changes how you work

How where you work changes how you work.

Have you ever heard the expression ‘A change is as good as a rest’? Although it’s probably not backed up with years of scientific research, we think it’s bang on the money. Especially when it comes to working environments.

You see, we believe that where you work influences how you work. Think about it. If you’re having a creative brainstorm, you’ll respond better in a place where there’s a bit of energy, somewhere not too serious and not too quiet. But if you’re knee-deep in a complicated pitch document, for example, then you might need somewhere without distractions to get your head down and plough on through.

A change of scenery, a change of thinking.

That’s always been the idea behind DeskLodge. We’ve made sure that, whatever work you have on, there’s an environment that suits your mood and purpose. Grab a standing desk or solo booth for some ‘you time’. Get the team together for a pow-wow in an open plan breakout space. Zone out for some deep focus in a workspace free of distractions. Do grown-up stuff like meet new clients or host group conference calls in a fully equipped meeting room. Or just sit in the kitchen area for a natter and a slice of toast.

Switching your working location also lets you meet new people, gain new perspectives, think of new ideas. It sparks stimulation and creativity. And you’ll find those communal workspaces are refreshingly free of politics and egos. But hey, don’t feel obliged to spend all your time at DeskLodge (although you’re more than welcome).

Every place is a workspace.

There are so many places out there that you can use as your workspace, both officially and unofficially. Perched in the park and listening to the birdsong can inspire creativity. Sitting in a public library can offer all the silence you need to polish off that report. And how knows? You might even get talking to someone in the coffee shop, and land a new client!

So don’t grow roots and stay put in the same spot. Be free! Switch up your working location and see what happens.

I love to help and support people and businesses to achieve their goals, and thrive in an environment that involves problem-solving, working collaboratively, and improving processes and business efficiency.

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