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You’ll get a warm welcome in every one of our flexible work spaces - handpicked for their central locations and great transport links.

Beacon Tower

Colston Street, Bristol

Launching Summer 2023


How do hotdesking memberships work?

We have 2 types of hotdesking membership: Unlimited and 8-Days-a-month. They roll monthly and you can cancel any time during the month. We do standalone Day Passes too. Days do not roll over to the following month.

How do I book a meeting room?

You can book a meeting room through our member app (recommended) or through the DeskLodge calendar booking page – make sure to log in if you are a member!

What’s included in my membership?

All memberships from hotdesking to private offices have access to lots of varied work zones with monitors & phone booths, monthly socials (yep, beer and all), super-fast WiFi, and bucket loads of fresh barista coffee in the shared kitchens.

Can I book a car parking space for the day?

We do have some limited spaces at our sites. Contact the DeskLodge team at your location to enquire. View our location details here. (Joe link to location top level page plz)

What hours can I access the building?

Residents: DeskLodge House: 6am-11pm, Basingstoke: 24 hours.
Hotdeskers: DeskLodge House 8.30am-6pm, DeskLodge Basingstoke 8.30am-5pm.

How flexible are your private office agreements?

It’s usually a 12-month contract here at DeskLodge with 10% back in meeting room credits although shorter term licences can be discussed. For more flexible options have a look at our Day Offices and Hoffices here.

Can I get my business post delivered here?

You can indeed, you just need a Virtual Office membership. This is included if you’re a private office team.

When do I get billed?

Our recurring bill run goes out on the 1st of the month.

Do you provide any social events for DeskLodgers?

Yes, we have both weekly events and monthly socials for all DeskLodgers to enjoy! Check out our events page for details.

Can I bring my dog into DeskLodge?

This varies per location. Currently DeskLodge House resident members can bring a well behaved dog in. But please speak with the Workspace Manager first. Woof.

Do you provide printing facilities and how much does it cost?

Yes, we have a coloured printer on site, B&W costs 5p per sheet and colour costs 10p per sheet.

Can I cancel my hotdesking membership at any time?

Yes, memberships are on a monthly rolling contract. As long as you let us know before your renewal date we can cancel this for you.

Do you have bike storage?

Yes, at every DeskLodge bike storage will be available. Speak to you local DeskLodge team for details. (link to locations page)