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Emily O'Brien

5 ways to overcome self doubt

If you’ve ever had issues with self-doubt, then you’ll know just how debilitating it can be. These feelings of inadequacy can hold us back in our lives and can lead to other issues, like anxiety, depression and low self-esteem. That’s why it’s important to recognise the signs – and then smash them into a million pieces! So let’s get into it.

International Women's Day 2023

International Women’s Day (IWD) is such a wonderful event to have in the calendar. It’s a time when the world can throw a spotlight on women’s rights movement, and celebrate what has been achieved (whether that’s socially, culturally or politically) and what still needs to be done.

Member Success - The CAI Company

The CAI Company are turning science fact into science fiction. They’ve been with us since 2021 and have doubled in numbers (that’s both staff and profit!). Discover more about this fascinating topic. and what they love about working at DeskLodge. (By the way, a human wrote this. Or did they?..)

Best UK Cities for Hybrid Working in 2023

This week's blog is a feature from our friends over at BusinessExpert. They've explored the best UK cities for hybrid working, so you don't have to!

DeskLodger of the Month - March 2023

Congratulations to Jessica Lowe of Consortium, the specialist recruitment agency! She’s our wonderfully awesome DeskLodger of the Month. Jessica loves getting to know what makes her clients tick, spending time with friends and getting her wellies muddy in nature.

What makes a good manager?

It’s an excellent question, if we don’t mind saying so ourselves. After all, we’ve all had managers, good ones and bad ones. But what makes the good ones stand one? What qualities do they have that encourages trust, belief and inspiration from those around them? So whether you have a manager, or you are a manager, take a look at what we believe are the ingredients for a brilliant leader!