Valentine’s Day at DeskLodge doesn’t need to be boring

Jamie Ellis
February 12, 2018
Valentine’s Day at DeskLodge doesn’t need to be boring

Team huggg have decided to spice things up this year...

We love spending our days at DeskLodge.

From the friendly team who are always on hand to help us out and the large windows letting in all of the light to the creative individuals hiding around every corner and free fruit Wednesdays, we can’t think of anywhere else we’d rather build huggg.

Except maybe from a beach. Or a yurt.

But anyway.

As there are so many amazing humans hidden within these walls, and our app is about sharing all of the feels, we’re offering Bristol DeskLodgers the chance to pluck up the courage to send someone they like a little more than the average hot desker a cup of something warm.

You know, to let them know they’re awesome.

So, whether they’re your work-wife, lunchtime yoga partner, someone who’s got you out of a pickle lately or a full blown office crush, stop hiding behind your laptop or waiting for a DeskLodge social to roll around and tell them how you feel this February 14th with anonymous huggging instead.

Cool. So how does it work?

  Using the form below, provide us with the details of someone in Bristol you'd like to send a Friska hot drink huggg to.

  Let us know whether you'd like your Love Day huggg to be sent anonymously or if you'd like us to send it from your mobile number.

  On the morning of 14th February, we'll fire a Friska hot drink huggg, along with your message to their phone. No strings attached.

Sounds ace, right?

Let's go, Cupid.

Send a Love Day huggg

Alternatively, if you’d like your message to remain strictly confidential (ahem), download huggg and send your love note and huggg of choice directly via the app.

We don’t look at messages. Ever.

Download huggg to get started