The working from home survival guide

Jamie Ellis
October 15, 2021
The working from home survival guide

Working from home. Yes, it can be challenging, disorientating and, if we’re not careful, bewildering. But it doesn’t have to be. And mastering the art of working from home for part of the week can help you achieve that much needed work:life balance - buying you back precious commuting time and flexibility.

So buckle up as we arm you with everything you need to know to make working from home work for you.

1. Talk to your team.

It may be through Zoom or Teams, but having facetime with your colleagues is vital for morale and productivity. It’s easy to feel isolated and out of the loop when you’re at home and haven’t talked to anyone for days about the project you’re on. So get in touch, even if it’s just a quick catch-up, or a chat about the latest binge-worthy Netflix series.

2. Keep a structure to your day.

In an actual office, there’s a definite routine. You get into the workplace, you knuckle down, you have lunch, you work again, you grab a coffee, you work a bit more, you go home. This kind of repetitive structure is reassuring. Make sure you do something similar at home, where time somehow feels different because there is nothing to break up the day. Always start work at the same time. Nip away from your desk for a nibble at your lunch hour. And finish at roughly the same time. We are creatures of habit!

3. Replace rush hour.

One of the best bits about working from home is, of course, the lack of commute. There’s no denying that popping downstairs in your PJs is so much easier than inching through the commuter traffic, or squeezing onto a rush hour train. Make the most of the time you save. Go out for a bracing walk or even a little run. But not in your PJs, of course. That would be weird.

4. Take a break.

When you’re staring at a screen or having back-to-back Zooms, it’s all-too-easy to lose track of time. You may think you’ve only been at it for an hour, but that can turn into half a day before you know it. Taking regular breaks is good for your concentration and wellbeing. Set a time on your phone so you don’t forget. Read a chapter of your book, or do a bit of gardening.

5. Hydrate to concentrate.

Even if you’re deskbound and not moving around that much, it’s vital to remain hydrated. Keep a large glass of refreshing H2O by you at all times. Ideally, the average adult should glug their way through around 3+ litres a day. Water is great for your concentration – and simply fantastic for healthy glowing skin.

6. Knock off.

Keep your work life and your home life as separate as you can. Be super strict with your finishing time. And once you send your final email of the day and close your laptop, keep it closed.

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