The Work Life Balance

Jamie Ellis
March 29, 2019
The Work Life Balance

As we continue to grow and expand at DeskLodge, we would like to focus on how coworking and making small changes can help you to get the balance of work and home life right.


We have now established that working in the same solitary environment, often alone, every day, is not good for you, mentally and inspirationally. We understand how coworking works and the benefits of meeting new people each day, working in different environments and getting the essential, good ol’ cup of coffee really helps productivity. We also like leaving the house and feeling like you got stuff done!


Coworking can offer that home from home experience.

We also get it that a coworking space isn’t just full of other people in your working situation, these people are all very unique! They can help inspire you, help you network or just help you to gain knowledge about new areas of business and might even become your new friend!

Here at DeskLodge we encourage a positive attitude and our spaces offer everyone a safe and friendly space to work in, alongside like-minded people, without judgement.           

So, you are now happy at work but are you getting enough down time? There needs to be a balance.

Think about it. How often do you take time to relax and give yourself some well-deserved self-love?

Is your way to unwind going for a run or is it a night out clubbing? Or do you relax by doing yoga and meditation? What about your holidays? Do you spend time relaxing on the beach or is an active holiday more your thing?

We are all different.                    



Some of us just want to kick back, switch off and relax when we get home from work, but others can’t bear the idea of doing nothing. They have an agenda and want to get on with stuff, they are going down the gym or working on a new project, they like stimulation and only switch off when they go to sleep.

Is sticking to a work routine essential? Is working the 9-5 still a thing? Or can we tap in and out of work all the time, fitting it around our life, rather than fitting our lives around work.

This way of working may be a long way off….

It doesn’t matter how you prefer to work, it’s just good to know there are other options and a coworking space can help all of us work our way.

Think about it, do you spend more time with work colleagues than your own family? Your work buddies are your extended family, a community that you are part of. We find familiar faces and surroundings comforting but it is also super inspiring to meet new people every day. Both are great!

Just getting that work/life balance right can make a world of difference to your wellbeing and productivity! Make that change today!

“I feel that as you are at work for a large chunk of your day it is important to be in a positive and stimulating environment such as Desklodge, or a co working space where you can meet different people, as this in turn has a positive impact on other aspects of your life.

“You learn things from people you didn’t ever think to look up on Google or you look to Google for more info, as someone has spiked your interest in something you have not thought of before”.

Siobhan Knight – DeskLodge Office Manager.


“If you want to leave work on time don’t start any new projects after 3pm, use those last few hours to finish other stuff. After work I always fit in bath time with my little boys and relax in the evening by DJing at home”.

Joe Clarke from Sparkol.               

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