The Return of the DeskLodgers!

Jamie Ellis
August 6, 2020
The Return of the DeskLodgers!

We are so excited to see our DeskLodgers (old and new) slowly returning to our spaces.

DeskLodge completely understand people’s concerns and anxieties on coming back into a shared workspace after working at home for so long and wanted to share the experiences of a few of our returning Hotdeskers; to help you decide on how you can make the transition.  

We asked our Desklodgers how they had previously used our spaces before the pandemic, what made them want to return to DeskLodge and what they had missed about DeskLodge.

It really has been great to see our happy DeskLodgers faces again, in real life not through a zoom call, it makes such a difference!

If you do have any anxieties about returning to our workspaces please do get in touch! Our lovely Team are always happy and ready to help! In the meantime, take a look at our Keeping our spaces safe guide.



Elspeth, Mindfully Wired Communications

“It’s been pretty isolated working from home! We are a very close team at Mindfully Wired and are used to working closely together. We had zoom calls and quizzes during lockdown but it’s not the same as in person. It’s nice to be back at Desklodge.

I have terrible internet in my flat, coming back to Desklodge’s really speedy internet has helped with productivity too!”  


natalie Blachere illuminations.jpg

Natalie, Blachere illumination

“I was going stir crazy working from home! I missed the space and the people and that separation from work and home life! I’m glad to be back at DeskLodge”.



Paul, Mindfully Wired Communications

We were fortunate to be able to carry on working during lockdown, obviously it hasn’t been the same, but we were having to make do and get used to the new normal.

I have mainly missed the internet at DeskLodge, having a reliable internet is huge! We are much more productive in the space!.

The big thing about coming back is having a change of scene, leaving my kitchen and having a dedicated space for work has been lovely. AND seeing people, socially distanced obviously, has been great!”

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