The Positive Link Between Coworking And Wellbeing

Jamie Ellis
July 29, 2021
The Positive Link Between Coworking And Wellbeing

Things have certainly changed over the past year, and after so long out you now have the opportunity to choose your workspace. Maybe it is back to the office full time, hybrid working as a team, or perhaps you’ve decided working from home is totally working for you.

Whatever your decision you can bet your wellbeing has had a lot to do with it.

Positive changes from the pandemic

One positive thing that came out of the pandemic and its lockdowns was a chance to review your situation. We have all learnt what we did and didn’t like about our new lifestyles that were thrown upon us and have become super adaptable to change. We have stepped out of the box for a moment and taken time out, which can only be a good thing; like a Van Gogh, it helps to step back to see things clearly.

Not only have we started viewing things differently, but we have also changed as humans.

Most of us became kinder and more thoughtful to others by wearing face masks, social distancing, taking time to become more inclusive (BLM), and recognising that we are all very different and want different things.

We recognise this at DeskLodge.

There are many positives to coworking

We are welcoming DeskLodgers old and new back to our spaces by offering different membership and office options to suit everyone. It has been great to see so many faces back in the spaces.

We know that a happy DeskLodger is a productive DeskLodger and your happiness in our spaces is super important to us. It is also important to your fellow co-workers who will most likely feel motivated and inspired, not just by our unique and fun spaces, but by joining a community of happy and productive people.

Safe and productive

Our work ethic and culture are very important to us, and we strive to make our DeskLodgers feel safe in our friendly spaces and confident that they can be productive whilst enjoying their working environment.

A safe environment can help reduce stress and work-related mental health issues and having someone already there to talk things over with can really help a lot.

Space for everyone

Everyone is different. Whether you thrive from being busy or have a more relaxed approach to your working style, you can bet there is a space (or two) at DeskLodge that suits your way of working.

Coworking also combats loneliness in the workplace, which is very important for us. Freelancers often work alone and don’t have a big team to interact with and a coworking space is where they can find their people, their new work buddies. Smaller teams can also benefit by working with other start-ups and small businesses with whom they can share ideas and experiences.

Wellbeing is about being happy

Wellbeing isn’t just about yoga and taking time out. It is about being happy, comfortable, healthy, and doing what feels right for you.

Take time and reflect on what makes you happy; it may inspire you to do great things!

And maybe give coworking at DeskLodge a try? Here are two free days if you do.