The Key to Sustainable Productivity

Gemma Edwards
The Key to Sustainable Productivity

Ah, sustainable productivity. That magical sweet spot every company strives for. Just think - having a constant flow of innovation, and positive momentum that helps companies grow and improve, without the negative impact on the environment or society. It’s no surprise that so many businesses crave it – and even less of a surprise that so few achieve it.

For those lucky companies who have cracked sustainable productivity, it’s an upwards trajectory all the way. A gradual, long-term journey to guilt-free success. Less about the greedy sprint, more about the responsible marathon. But how can we reach this much sought after culture of ‘sustainable productivity’. We have a few tips…

1. Lead by example

As a leader, it’s up to you to show everyone else exactly what you want to achieve. Keep your company culture consistent and visible at all times. If you’re working smarter, more efficiently, more positively and more conscientiously, then that is going to flow down to the workforce. It all starts with you!

2. Be a green machine

Switching to 100% renewable energy is a no-brainer. It pays to shop around because prices can vary, but once you find the right supplier for you, it’s happy days. For you – and Mother Nature.

3. Ideas, ideas, ideas

Sustainable productivity relies on… Yes, you’ve guessed it: ideas! That never-ending flow of innovation and fresh thinking is vital to keep your company ahead of the game, and doing the right thing. Suggest a brainstorming session. Or even get a suggestion box up and running. It all fuels the business’s momentum!

4. Plastic no-so-fantastic

Take ten minutes to walk around your office. How many items of disposable plastics can you see? A plastic fork? Bubble wrap? Plastic cups? Make a list and work out whether you could swap them out for something less damaging to the environment.

5. Keep your workforce fighting fit

Without energised and positive employees, it will be game over. Simple as that. Keeping your peeps in tip-top form should be your priority. Be especially aware of burn-out after particularly intense bouts of productivity. Offer ways of recharging batteries and encouraging relaxation, like yoga, massage or after work social events.

6. Give a little back

Underline your dedication to social responsibility by getting involved in the community. Sponsor the local kids football team, for example. Or volunteer for a countryside tidy-up initiative. It will show the world that you’re focussed on other people rather than profits!

 Sustainable productivityis a tricky balancing act. But we’re sure you can nail it! Good luck.