The DeskLodge Team is growing!

August 18, 2023
The DeskLodge Team is growing!

Our team is growing here at DeskLodge, so we thought we'd better introduce our new recruit!

At Beacon Tower we say the warmest of DeskLodge hellos to Keeley! She’s the host of the hottest new work sharing space in town. Discover why she’s so excited to join us. And if you ask her nicely, and she might even sing you a little song while she helps you get settled in.

What did you do before you joined DeskLodge as the Host for Beacon Tower?

Before I joined DeskLodge I was a receptionist/administrator.

Tell us a little about you - what do you do in your spare time?

In my spare time I am a singer I write my own music and I play guitar and piano. I also play around with hair and makeup on myself/family.

Where is your favourite area that you’ve discovered so far at DeskLodge?

The library wall is very cool!!

What are you most excited about, starting at DeskLodge?

Having a very fun and trusting work space, where I can be myself!

Describe DeskLodge in 3 words or fewer.

DeskLodge is fun, quirky and very welcoming!