Some reasons why coworking just works........

Jamie Ellis
October 27, 2017
Some reasons why coworking just works........

So, you have this new project to do. You really need to buckle down, concentrate and get some work done. The question is, where is the best place to work?

You're at home. You've made a nice little space just for you, but there are some dishes in the sink. Ok, get them done and then work. Well, give the dog a nice walk... then that's it. Work. Okay, NetFlix... just one episode...well, two episodes, just so you can see what's happening... you have just watched the entire season.

You're at the coffee shop. Decent WiFi, not too uncomfortable and good coffee. Expensive coffee but good. One cup should give you 45 minutes working time, maybe an hour. Then you order something else and you're good for the rest of the morning. Except for those toddlers running around. And those 3 people talking... yeah we get it, the football. And that music is definitely getting louder, plus that door opening is just causing a draft.

You're at the coworking hub. Nice choice of standing and sitting desks, that's good for the back. Decent coffee and a little selection of teas. Forgot the charger though! That's ok, they have a spare you can borrow. There are a few like-minded people sitting over there, You reckon you can work even harder than them! Midday already? 5pm already? So much done...

It really can be that simple. For some people, it is WiFi, for some good coffee and for others it is networking. Whatever ticks the box for you is how you need to work, and finding a flexible working space can tick every box there is.

Thanks to our friends at NearDesk for sharing the post.