Small indie businesses to support this Christmas

Jamie Ellis
December 3, 2020
Small indie businesses to support this Christmas

What a wild year 2020 has been and can you believe it, we are now at the countdown to Christmas!

As Christmas is a time for giving and spreading joy to others, we decided we wanted to help out the smaller businesses in some way. We asked around our lovely DeskLodgers for their favourite small businesses to buy gifts from and wanted to share them all with you!


Lashed by Hollie

Based in DeskLodge Basingstoke, this business is run by our lovely Lodge Host Hollie! If you (or someone you know) loves having their lashes done, then we highly recommend Hollie and what better present than an online gift voucher!



DeskLodge 2.jpg

Pouring with Helen

This wonderful small business creates poured crafts including coasters, candle holders and canvas'! We have our eye on the Christmas coasters and candle holders!


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Laura Fisher Illustrations

A Basingstoke based business who supplies wonderful kitchenware, home accessories, gifts, candles, and other items! The honeybee collection would make a wonderful gift and another bonus is that 10% of profits from these products support the movement to re-introduce the British native Honeybee! The proceeds will go towards creating 250 new beehives along with sewing 250 acres of land with organic Honeybee friendly and pollenated friendly flowers. How amazing is that?


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The Artizans

This small business sells a range of high-quality design and handcrafted products sourced from across the globe and independent designers as well as showcasing collections from small creative businesses alongside ethical artisan enterprises.


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Fruit Salad Bristol

Another DeskLodge staff member business - this Bristol based clothing company is run by our Content Media Manager, Emma! If you are into bright colours, big shapes and re-worked fashion, this is the small business for you! From co-ords to earrings, you are bound to find an item you will love!


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Bristol based biz, if you like crocheted goods, you will love ReadySteadyCro! This indie business belongs to one of our lovely DeskLodge resident’s wife who is making stunning crocheted crown ear warmers which are proving to be a big hit this Christmas (and look really cool on!)


DeskLodge 12.jpg


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Bottoms and Boobs

Bristol based business who sells boob-tiful items (see what I did there?  ) including plant pots, cards, and Christmas Baubles, all made with sustainable materials!


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DeskLodge 13.jpg

Sew & Sew, St Nicholas Market

Based in the heart of Bristol Old City lies this quaint craft shop, run by another DeskLodger, often described as “Aladdin’s cave” as you will find endless crafting treasures. Shopping with Sew & Sew has never been easier now they have a website! If you know a craft lover, then look no further, Sew & Sew is the shopping destination for you. From buttons, to ribbons, to yarn – it is a crafters dream!


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A collections of stunning handmade silver jewellery pieces handcrafted by DeskLodger, Constance Fleuriot.

The collection includes earrings all £40, spiral and strand rings from £30-£50, rings with semi precious stones from £120 and bangles at £100 all perfect gifts or perhaps as a present for yourself?

Please contact for prices and enquiries.


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DeskLodge 17.png

The following indie biz is not in Bristol or Basingstoke but we love it too much not to mention it…


We had to mention this company as we love them and have already ordered from them this year! Fabbricks create personalised Mini figures and also create cute, personalised Christmas baubles of your family! (or in our case one of the teams from each site!)


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Needless to say, this is not even 1% of all the wonderful small businesses in Basingstoke or Bristol but all would really appreciate your custom!

Hopefully, you can find something to your liking and can help spread the love to a small business this Christmas! X

If you like this blog and would like to see more businesses to buy from this Christmas and beyond, check out our “Small Business” Highlight on the @desklodgebsk Instagram profile – and give us follow while you are at it!