PhD students joining coworking spaces

Jamie Ellis
February 9, 2018
PhD students joining coworking spaces

DESKLODGE CASE STUDY  - PhD students at DeskLodge

Coworking spaces are not just for freelancers, start-ups and registered businesses, they can work for anyone who is tired of working alone from home and in cafes or just need a break from the office. This includes writers, techies and creatives, in fact anyone who uses a laptop! DeskLodge has recently noticed a rise in PhD students using our spaces, we spoke to Anna Weston about why she chose to give coworking at DeskLodge a try and how it has improved productivity in her studies.


Anna Weston PHD student.jpg

Anna Weston

I’m a PhD student investigating why people disengage from digital behaviour change interventions when using health-based applications. Basically that means I’m interested in why people stop using apps and websites that are designed to help them change a health-related behaviour, e.g. weight loss or fitness. It is an interdisciplinary PhD which combines research in Psychology and Computer Science. I’m in my final year and so needed somewhere that I could focus and write.

It is very easy to become demotivated whilst working on a PhD. It can be lonely; your day lacks routine; and when you work from home you can go days without having a proper conversation with another human being. My brother recommended that I look for a co-working space – as he worked in one in London – as he thought it might help me stay motivated. Thankfully it has!

Why did you choose DeskLodge?

I tried out a number of other coworking spaces but Desklodge was the friendliest and seemed to fit my needs the best. The Desklodge staff are absolutely lovely and I can Skype my supervisors from the phone booths. The coffee is included, which is a big selling point for me! I’ve also just started going to Yoga on a Wednesday lunchtime which is a great way to relax and get some headspace.

Would you recommend DeskLodge to others including students?

If you are also struggling with a PhD or any studies, I would highly recommend Desklodge. It is great to have a space to go which you psychologically associate with work, and it has definitely increased my productivity. I come to Desklodge and work a normal 9-5 day; then when I head home I can relax and take a break from the PhD. I just wish I had done this sooner!



Thanks Anna, you're an awesome DeskLodger and all the best with the PHD - You will smash it!