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Meet the most booked meeting room in Bristol* (*at DeskLodge)!

Gemma Edwards
March 4, 2024
Meet the most booked meeting room in Bristol*  (*at DeskLodge)!

We’ve got our fair share of brilliant places to work at DeskLodge. From knuckling down in a part-time office, to hot desking in a snuggly little book nook. But nothing is quite as popular as a certain meeting room called The Parlour, located at Redcliffe Way! In fact, it’s our most booked meeting room! Without tooting our own trumpet, it’s not hard to see why…

Yes, it’s a bit different to those big corporate meeting rooms you find in huge companies which can be a bit intimidating and, well, boring. The Parlour is the perfect size for five people, complete with snazzy wallpaper, cool wall art of inspiring women throughout history, and a big comfy armchair. Naturally, it’s got everything a meeting room should have, like a projector screen and laptop hook-up, A/C and HDMI… But it’s all wrapped up in a cosy atmosphere.


It's great for work, and great for wowing clients. And the best bit? It’s only£30+VAT per hour, or £180+VAT for the whole day. Check out these pictures. Looks pretty homely, right?

The Parlour Meeting Room, DeskLodge House 

If The Parlour isn’t your cup of tea, we have loads of other themed rooms designed to inspire and entertain. Try NASA for meetings that are out of this world, Submarine for when you need to do some deeeep thinking, or even The Kingsman for those top secret assignments. They’re all there, waiting for you!


If you fancy the look of The Parlour, or any of our other awesome meeting rooms, book them today!