Meet a few of our awesome DeskLodgers

Jamie Ellis
July 28, 2017
Meet a few of our awesome DeskLodgers

This week we thought we would introduce you to a few of our lovely DeskLodgers!

As you know we offer a range of private offices, fixed desks and hotdesking opportunities at in our coworking environment, and these DeskLodgers are from all corners of the DeskLodge world!

From freelancers and start-ups to established businesses, we have it all at DeskLodge, as long as you are happy with a coworking space with a difference. Meet five of them and read their story…..

Emily from Oggadoon             

OggaDoon is based on the simple idea that clever comms gets you reach and revenue. Who specialise in high impact campaigns that use a nimble and fresh approach to PR, brand and media.

Emily is OggaDoon’s Creative Content Manager, specialising in creative copy, branding, and process.

I joined OggaDoon a few months ago – one of those genuine offer-I-can’t-refuse, will-regret-it-forever-if-I-don’t, yes-I-know-that-means-moving-almost-100-miles, jobs. OggaDoon completely breaks the mould of communications, taking a guerrilla approach that is all about creating outstanding content that genuinely reaches the client’s customer.

But that’s not just why OggaDoon is so special. We don’t subscribe to the idea of a rigid work environment, which is why DeskLodge is so perfect for us. Flexible hours, hot desking wherever we want, tea and coffee on tap, and the chance to natter with any of the incredible creatives and techies that inhabit the DeskLodge world.

The team here (at DeskLodge) absolutely bend over backwards to make whatever we need to work a reality: from free fruit on Wednesdays, to ingenious paperclip creations to remove rice from phone ports (it’s a long story . . .). Our clients work in so many sectors and all over the globe, and it’s encouraging to know that DeskLodge is working just as hard for us as we are for them.

Paul from Brand in Process


Paul brand in process.jpg

I came to DeskLodge the first week of living in Bristol, in November 2015. And I'm still here.

In London I had founded a design studio in 2002 which I ran until recently (1977 Design). Here in Bristol, I founded Brand In Process.

Brand In Process is a brand consultancy for a digital age. We help businesses understand that their brand isn't a static entity but is something which is in process. Helping business understand the ever-shifting business, social and tech landscapes ensures they remain relevant. We then help them shape and explain their meaning in order to best interest and engage people right now.

I write, talk, lecture, (some might say ramble on) a lot about brand so please do have a read on Brand In Process.

If you want to talk brand just say hi.

Sarah-Jane from Shooting Star PR            

Sarah-Jane Shooting star PR.jpg

Shooting Star is a PR and marketing agency and storytelling is what we do best.

Recently, we got charity Marmalade Trust, which launched the UK’s first Loneliness Awareness Week, on BBC Points West and by the next day they had received over 40 offers of help. We’ve helped our clients SPCE and Hügge reach their crowdfunding targets by getting them coverage in online and print media. And Selectec received trade enquiries from Sweden after we placed the announcement of their Scandinavian launch in their chosen trade publication.

Tell Us Your Story!

Have you got an interesting story to tell? Is your business unique? Have you won an award? If so, let everyone know!

If you’re the first, the last, the biggest or the best, or if you simply excel at what you do, why not let us share your story?

Shooting Star – – 0117 4038200

Alice and Paul from Huggg               

We’re launching Huggg this week - the app that enables you to message a real-life coffee, lunch, cake or cocktail to a friend in your phonebook at the tap of a button. The recipient doesn’t have to wait for the item to be delivered, they can go and collect the Huggg immediately, completely at their own convenience.

Available on iOS & Android for all those times you wanted to act in the moment, or do something a little extra than a text message. A Thank you coffee, a Congrats flute of prosecco or even a Happy Birthday lunch. There are thousands of reasons!

We started building Huggg just over two years ago, but only took up office space in Autumn 2016 - previous to that I was working in my spare room for a year and Paul was working in the evenings in and around his day job. There are just two of us working on the app full time in Bristol so we were looking for office space that didn’t smell like dust, had some natural daylight, AC but also wouldn’t financially ruin us! You should have seen some of the places we viewed.

We chose DeskLodge because it was the most interesting office space we visited (and least corporate by far!), with the most genuine staff and feel. DeskLodge is run professionally, but feels relaxed. Back then we were so new to the whole concept of working in an office together, we wanted flexibility to change/expand if we needed to and some other humans around so it wouldn’t feel like we were working in a cupboard!

One of our favourite spots in DL is in “the LandRover” on 4th Floor - the gents who built it shared with us that they drew a specific route on the map that’s from a famous film.. Not obvious at a glance, but it’s the little touches like this that make DL the best place to work in Bristol! Mainly the rhino wearing a fez :)

Emma at Modular


Modular design and build bespoke integrated apps (think bespoke software systems, but replace software with digital products). We partner with client’s long term and help them embed digital strategy into their organisation. Our core team are based in Bristol, but we work with partners, clients and suppliers across the UK and internationally.

The first time we clapped eyes on DeskLodge, we knew we had found our spiritual home.

We luckily bagged a fixed office (six desks, fantastic views over the city and The Mendips) with all the benefits of a serviced space; 24 hour access, wifi, reception. DeskLodge offered so much more than just a space, it gave us the opportunity to meet with other technical, digital and creative agencies and freelancers. It’s great for networking, we have sourced partners and suppliers during our short time here. The events hosted in the space offer great scope for meeting people and sharing ideas and helping each other grow.

The best thing about DeskLodge is the wide range of flexible space available. We really are spoilt for choice and can match the space to the type of meeting; the garden area is great for a quick catch up, booths work well for those longer more detailed meetings and for complete privacy and longer sessions with clients, the Benn Room or Oak Tree Room are amazing. Being able to operate outside of our office without having to leave the building, has made a massive difference to our business.

But it would not all be possible without the amazing team who make everything happen; so really the answer should be the DeskLodge team; Jamie, Thanh, Sam and Emma..who have made us welcome from day one and really make sure we can "stay productive" always friendly, helpful and on hand to help with even the weirdest of requests.

Catch our next blog soon :)