How students can flourish in coworking spaces

Jamie Ellis
August 5, 2022
How students can flourish in coworking spaces

Wander into any coffee shop and you’re sure to see a student, tucked away in the corner, buried in books and plugged into a laptop. It’s no surprise. Social spaces like these can be inspirational places, full of energy. The problem is, they can also be full of distractions. Have you ever tried to write a 10,000-word dissertation when you’re just metres away from so much chocolate cake? It’s tough.

If you’re a student then you probably know of friends who are choosing coworking spaces for their studies instead. Here’s why they’re loving it…

Get more done

Just like employees who need to crack a new business document or tackle some sales figures, students often need a bit of peace and quiet to get things done. Good coworking spaces offer a range of environments to suit the kind of work you’re doing. Here at DeskLodge there are quiet areas, team areas and busier areas. And by working in the right environment, you’ll be more productive. 100% focus, 0%distractions. It’s just what you need if you have deadlines to meet or big exams coming up you need to revise for.

More resources

Many coworking spaces don’t just offer a desk, they offer everything to go with it. Printers, WiFi, meeting rooms, pads and pens, projectors, whiteboards, air conditioning… All the stuff you need is in one place, which is pretty handy. Oh yes, and at DeskLodge we have unlimited coffee and tea for that little extra focus. What more could you ask for?

Make new connections

Most coworking spaces have an amazing cross-section of people from different backgrounds and different sectors. Take DeskLodge, for example. Architects work alongside advertising copywriters; designers rub shoulders will small business owners. There are start-ups, entrepreneurs and creatives, all in one place. Everyone is in it together. It’s the perfect place to get chatting, make some useful connections and open up some exciting opportunities for the future. All things you wouldn’t get in your local coffee shop.

It’s practice for the real world

It may seem like a small benefit, but spending time in a coworking space is great practice for when you’ve smashed your exams and working for real. Just interacting with different people of all ages and occupations will put you way out in front in terms of professional communication and social interactivity. It’s all brilliant experience.

A sense of togetherness
Studying can be pretty lonely. One of main advantages of being in a coworking space is the social side. You’re never far from a ‘Hi, how are you?’. It does wonders for your mental wellbeing and positivity. Human interaction is inspiring and can help you bring new perspectives to your studying.

So if you haven’t tried coworking spaces for your student work, give it a go. We can answer any questions you have about what DeskLodge can offer you – just give us a shout!