Holding Events At DeskLodge

Jamie Ellis
April 22, 2018
Holding Events At DeskLodge

Holding an event at DeskLodge gives you the opportunity to grow and network with DeskLodgers, new businesses, and like-minded people.

Our events come in all shapes and sizes from putting on mini pop up events from food stalls to Christmas markets, to helping charities to grow their awareness in our spaces and sponsoring workshops that also offer (often free) perks and advice to our residents, whilst promoting the company hosting the events too.

These types of events help to promote and support our residents and partners, whilst sharing our space with lots of new faces, who often end up joining us too and putting on their own events, as well as giving us that lovely glowing feeling that we have helped them in some way!

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The best way to receive your own little piece of DeskLodge love is to get in touch with us! Use us as a platform to promote your events, share your latest news stories and get your name out there!

Share the love by promoting your event on social media too, by tagging DeskLodge and creating events on Eventbrite and Facebook, it all helps to make the most of the opportunities that are available to everyone, from established companies to a lone freelancer or startup. Don’t forget you can just use the good ol’ fashioned word of mouth to get more people to join the fun!

If you have an idea for an event from networking, meetups to workshops and advice sessions then get in touch, we have amazing spaces and a great platform to share your events and the DeskLodge love!