Hello New DeskLodgers

Jamie Ellis
January 28, 2022
Hello New DeskLodgers

Hello new DeskLodgers!

We’re a chummy bunch, and we just love welcoming new DeskLodgers into the family. So say hello to our new friends. First, at DeskLodge House we have…


Team Kaptio are a group of travel industry experts and software specialists. They’re a clever crew, bringing innovative products to travel operators so that they can kick start their digital transformation. We hope you’re ‘transforming’ to life at DeskLodge.


Epic byname, Epic by nature. They develop software to help people get well, help people stay well and help future generations be healthier. We’re sure your time with us will be pretty epic too.

Time Tapes

Time Tapes makes radio programmes and podcasts for the BBC, B-Corps and charities .Founder Tom hot desks with us when he isn’t following cyclists 4000km across Europe for a podcast! Long story… Swing by his desk and ask him for all the details.

While over at Basingstoke we have…


Tivoli is a specialist grounds maintenance service provider, transforming landscapes into safe, functional and beautiful spaces for clients. Tom, who uses DeskLodge as his base, plans the areas that are due to be managed. We wonder if he also plans to make the most of Sweetie Wednesday.

We’re always adding to DeskLodge massive. So if you’re not already a regular, then get onboard. We hope to be welcoming you soon too.