Discover the ultimate Part-Time Office experience at DeskLodge

September 29, 2023
Discover the ultimate Part-Time Office experience at DeskLodge

Ask what companies, teams and freelancers want from their work spaces, and they’ll no doubt tell you it’s all about the F-word. That’s right; FLEXIBILITY! Thankfully, DeskLodge is set-up to deliver a flexible, part-time office experience that suits so many people.

Here’s how it works. You and your gang can enjoy a private office for 1, 2 or 3 days a week – with extra hot desking available if you need a bit more time together. That means that your people can spend the rest of the week at home, at a coffee shop, in the park… Wherever. It’s so much more fluid and empowering.

Then there are our memberships. Yes, there are a few work spaces knocking around at the moment, but we offer the most variety in terms of flexible memberships. You’ll discover a licence that conveniently runs from month to month, giving you all the freedom and none of the faff. And no matter how many days you decide is best, you’ll also be able to make the most of our many workzones and breakout spaces, free fruit Wednesdays, sweetie Fridays, and free coffee and tea. You might find you never want to leave! It’s a great arrangement, perfect for teams of between six and 30 people.

But hey, don’t take our word for it. We have dozens and dozens of DeskLodgers who are loving the sense of freedom the part-time office gives them. Recruitment giant Consortia really felt the benefit of this arrangement when they set up at their local DeskLodge for three days a week.

“It works really well for us,” explains Nathan, Director at Consortia. “Specifically because we have people working from home two days a week. The fact that as a business we can offer them a better quality of space at the same pricing point as we had before when we were leased is the massive differentiator. We probably couldn’t afford somewhere this good for the number of people we’ve got.”

So if you like a bit of freedom and flex to your week, then have a chat with us about a part-time office. We’ll pop the kettle on.