DeskLodger Of The Month - Luke Allsop

Jamie Ellis
May 2, 2019
DeskLodger Of The Month - Luke Allsop

Luke Allsop from Mantis Public Relations                

luke allsop.jpg

Meet Luke, Account Executive with DeskLodge hotdesking team, Mantis PR. Luke likes Game of Thrones, keeping fit and Freddie Flintoff!

What do Mantis PR do?
Mantis Public Relations is a communications agency working with technology companies trying to target the public sector. This covers anything from local government right through to health, social care, education and law enforcement.

How long have you been coming to DeskLodge?
The Mantis team has been at Desklodge since February 2019, we were previously at another co-working space but decided to move, with the central location being easier for the five of us to access.

What’s your favourite thing about your job?
My favourite thing about the job is making connections and getting under the skin of a company. I enjoy working with exciting clients who are reinventing the wheel to create innovative technology that can make a real difference across the public sector, particularly with healthcare tech that can potentially save lives.

What is your favourite thing about DeskLodge?
It has to be the themed rooms. I’m a huge fan of Lord of The Rings and The Hobbit, not to mention Game of Thrones… so you can probably tell which my favourite themed room at Desklodge is…..

(For those who don’t know…..It’s The Hobbit Hole)

What do you do in your spare time?
I’m really into my fitness, particularly jump rope and skipping, which you’ll find me doing 3-4 times a week. As a team we’ve been trialling the ‘Mantis workout club’ so I’d love to get more members to join us jumping around in the car park living that urban fitness life.

Who is your biggest celebrity crush?
I’m going to go for my man crush, it’s got to be Freddie Flintoff. I started playing cricket back in school so I have always looked up to him, especially as he’s gone from being a cricketer to appearing on TV, and now taking over as the main presenter of Top Gear!

Thanks Luke, good luck with the Mantis Workout Club!