DeskLodger of the Month - June 2024

Gemma Edwards
May 24, 2024
DeskLodger of the Month - June 2024

All rise for Elliot Perry, June’s DeskLodger of the Month! Elliot is the driving force behind Posterity, a brilliant financial services start-up that uses AI technologies to get ahead of the game. Elliot has been with us for a while now, and you can find out what he likes most of all about DeskLodge.

Why did you choose your role/industry?

We chose to build a financial services startup for a number of reasons: From a purely practical standpoint, it's a well-invested, fertile opportunity space with lots of problems that need solving with market sizes big enough to grow into a really big company. But, on a more personal level, it's an area we're excited to learn about and I think that's important when choosing an area to play as a startup - because you have lots of learning to do when starting a startup!

What is the most surprising part of your job?

Our product leverages the latest AI technologies, which is an entirely new frontier evolving in front of our faces every week. It's exciting to be part of something so new and powerful unfolding at this rate of change and comes with its fair share of surprises - like being blown away by its capabilities and by everything falling apart every now and then because all of the industry's toolsets are still incredibly nascent!

What are your plans for your career path?

Posterity's mission is to empower financial advisers with tools that make it economical to service customers lower on the "wealth pyramid", in turn making professional financial advice accessible for more of society. I hope to grow the company to a size that we can make a material dentin this mission. I plan to plant roots here in Bristol while letting the journey take us to other countries like the United States.

How does DeskLodge help you do your job?

Getting out of the house during the workday is so important for me, both to have a productive day's work and for my mental health. I need to be around people to connect with socially and find working from home isolating and lonely. DeskLodge's imaginative space design attracts kindred spirits -creative people that enjoy working from the wild west one day and ancient Egypt the next. I like to be around these people. Of course, reliable fast WIFI, lots of call booths and desks with second monitors and ergonomic chairs help too.

Are you remote, on-site or hybrid?

We're a remote 2-person startup with me in Bristol & my business partner in Edinburgh.

Describe DL in 3 words

Fun. Playful. Friendly.