DeskLodger Of The Month - Basingstoke - June

Jamie Ellis
May 20, 2019
DeskLodger Of The Month - Basingstoke - June




Meet Nick, a product architect and software developer with hotdesking team BookNow at DeskLodge Basingstoke. Nick likes Djing and used to be a gymnastic coach!

What does BookNow do?

BookNow Software is a tech start-up offering booking systems, capacity management, ePos and online payments to the leisure industry. Specifically, we deliver booking, CRM and EPOS management solutions for trampoline parks, health clubs and spas.

Our solution is built on and we have the power of infinite scalability and reliability of cloud managed software. This is powering us on the really rapid expansion – albeit we also need to work really hard at it!

How long have you been coming to DeskLodge?

BookNow Software started at DeskLodge in August 2018.

What’s your favourite thing about your job?

I love working in a close-knit team where the work I do really matters. It’s great to see how a change, I’ve made, affects us positively as a business.

What is your favourite thing about DeskLodge?

I enjoy the bright, open working spaces to induce productive working. The hosts are always friendly & fresh fruit is always provided!

What do you do in your spare time?

I like long walks by the water. Kidding! In my spare time I can be found producing music & attempting to DJ. I’ve played at a couple of small festivals and events.

Tell us something funny or unusual about yourself.
I used to be a gymnastics coach, and one of my party tricks is doing a backflip. I once did this at a music event and landed on my face. Spent the rest of the night in hospital.

Thanks Nick, good luck with the DJing!