DeskLodger Of The Month

Jamie Ellis
April 12, 2018
DeskLodger Of The Month

DeskLodger of the Month
Paul Bailey from We Launch

Meet Paul the Strategy Director at We Launch and one of DeskLodge Bristol's long-standing hotdesk regulars. Paul likes to write a lot, running and was a keen boxer!


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What do We Launch do?

Through strategy & design, we activate change by shaping tomorrow’s leading brands.
That’s the marketing line done, so what do we actually do... As an external brand specialist, we work closely with ambitious business leaders around the world to put the audience experience at the heart of their brand. We create ‘associated memorable moments’ that encourage attention, awareness and action from a target audience – helping achieve both short-term results and long-term, sustained commercial impact for a business.
We Launch were recently recognised in a leading brand award, the Transform Awards Europe 2018, for projects in three very different categories – British Fencing, The Snaffling Pig Co, and Dr Ehrenstorfer – and are a Design Week Top 100 brand agency.

How long have you worked at We Launch / DeskLodge?

I’ve actually been working from DeskLodge pretty much since we moved to Bristol 2.5 years ago. Enterprise Nation was a client of mine and I came to an event they held here the first week we were in Bristol. It was handy timing really as I needed somewhere to work from, I had a chat with Jamie at the event and joined DeskLodge pretty much the next week.
I’ve been Strategy Director at We Launch for 6 months now. As We Launch is a London agency I commute into London one day a week and work from Bristol the rest of the week. Prior to working at We Launch I founded my own brand and design agency (1977 Design), as well as working as a brand consultant under the Brand In Process name.

What's your favourite thing about your job?

As a brand strategist, a huge part of my role is to develop insight into a business or organisation that the people internally haven’t yet put their finger on. I spend a lot of time listening and researching, trying to get to the heart of what it is that makes a business and brand what it is. Being able to turn this into valuable insight, which then informs how we define and communicate the brand, is the favourite thing about the job. Sometimes a project might go on for a while, and you can sense a client is questioning what you’re doing. The look on people’s faces when you present their defined brand back to them, and they say something like "yes, that is us", is worth all the work.

What's your favourite thing about DeskLodge?

The staff. No, this isn’t me sucking up to the staff, I genuinely think that the staff here make DeskLodge an extremely welcoming place, and set the tone. A co-working space is just a desk in a room if the staff don’t create an atmosphere that people will want to be in.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I have very little spare time – I have a 1 year old son.
I used to enjoy boxing, going to Bristol Boxing Gym, and some people may see that I still try and go for runs some lunchtimes from DeskLodge. In what little spare time I do have (normally the travelling to London once a week) I write on brand for Branding Strategy Insider and Design Week, and wrote for Creative Review on moving to Bristol.

What did you do over Easter?
Spent some quality time with my partner and son, enjoying watching him grow up (all too quickly).

Thanks Paul, you rock as a DeskLodger!