DeskLodge - Thanks to all who have loved and spread our story

Jamie Ellis
September 25, 2017
DeskLodge - Thanks to all who have loved and spread our story

DeskLodge Bristol has been really lucky to feature in some great articles over our first two and half years in Bristol, we're having an amazing time and it is always fantastic to hear what people think of us - especially when it’s so complimentary! Thanks Guys! You are Gert Lush!

Here are a few of our favourites…

The Telegraph - The15 coolest offices in the world

“Is it the future of working? Lego lovers will hope so.”


LegoBoothDesklodge WTH.jpg

Techspark – Desklodge Bristol based coworking offices with a difference

“Undoubtedly the interior DeskLodge has adopted is very cool. A particularly attractive feature is a door entrance in the form of a Tardis which, as you may have guessed, leads to a much larger space behind it.”


techspark Desklodge article.jpg

Agent Media- 7 Office Design Ideas that make Bristol a Workspace Leader

“The facility’s innovative, inspiring design aims to boost morale by providing the perfect working environment”.



BCA UK – Imagination runs wild at Desklodge Bristol coworking experiment

“This imaginative kaleidoscope of workspaces might be described as an experiment, but there's nothing provisional or makeshift about it. It’s here to stay”.                

bca coworking desklodge.jpeg

WTH- Finding Friendly Spaces

“It is bright, cheerful and has very friendly people on the front desk who explain the membership options – you can drop in for just an hour at a time which is very flexible and perfect for us”.


Bristol 24/7 – Bristol’s coolest offices

“In the heights of the Bristol Post building stands one of Bristol’s quirkiest offices”.

agent media desklodge.jpg
b247 9 coolest offices desklodge.jpg