DeskLodge House Newbies - Carbon Law Partners

Jamie Ellis
February 17, 2019
DeskLodge House Newbies - Carbon Law Partners

One of our new companies and now DeskLodge residents have recently moved in - and they’re awesome.

We have welcomed some great individuals from Carbon Law Partners into DeskLodge House with open arms.

We caught up with Joe, one of the Carbon Law team to ask how they have found life being a DeskLodger.

How has your company benefited by being a DeskLodge resident?

“The Carbon Law Partners in Bristol have benefited by putting us all in one place, in an environment which is innovative and different but also conducive to work. The work space and the meetings rooms are great for our needs and our clients really love the place. “

How has your productivity/staff satisfaction/work life balance been improved?

“Our partners and their staff enjoy coming in to work at DeskLodge it’s not a chore and it feels for us like a place where innovation and collaboration can happen. That’s important for us because our partners are all separate businesses in their own right and it’s great that we want to be in an environment together and this greatly benefits us.”

What makes a difference to every day at DeskLodge House?

“Pauline loves the hot chocolate! The variety of spaces are really useful for us and we use them to make sure we work differently and more productively; the phone booths give us places for confidential calls and the communal areas outside of our office allow us to get away from our normal desks for some head space if needed.”

How do you find the culture and community at DeskLodge House?

“The culture and community at DeskLodge are great and match our ethos. Our business model is to try and do law differently and DeskLodge allows us to do this whilst mixing with similar businesses. The staff are really helpful and friendly, nothing has been too much trouble in tailoring our office to how we want it.”




Thanks for your time Joe, we’ll make sure the hot chocolate stays topped up to keep Pauline happy.