Coworking space or work from home? Read our breakdown here…

Jamie Ellis
September 11, 2020
Coworking space or work from home? Read our breakdown here…

You’ve been working from home for six months.

The plus side has been getting up later, not having to get dressed, and if you did it was into comfy clothes with no make-up / not having to shave (delete where appropriate) and starting work at a reasonable hour with minimal stress.


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You have not missed that work commute or the school run and you have even got to spend more time with your family too!

The home schooling came to an end, thank goodness, and most of us got to take time and have some kind of summer holiday or a staycation.

Many of us have been lucky enough to get to continue working with all of our home comforts around us, why would we go back into the office?

Why don’t we just work from home in our PJs forever more?


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Well, DeskLodge do love to promote a bit of self-care, looking after our wellbeing and getting that perfect work/life balance but is working from home the answer?

Have you been getting out of the house enough lately and how many new people are you meeting in your home office?

Sometimes you need to have a purpose to leave the house and get some fresh air and exercise, to see new environments and meet new people to get those inspirational juices flowing. Sometimes, that commute to work can offer this.


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Yes, you can catch up with friends and colleagues virtually, but you are less likely to strike up a conversation online, especially since more often than not, your virtual chats have already been scheduled in.

It’s great to catch up with friends and colleagues face to face, to share experiences and share ideas or just have a catch-up.

It is great for the brain and your wellbeing to spontaneously strike up a conversation with a complete stranger, who might even end up being the most inspirational person you have spoken to in a week. Coworking can combat loneliness, fatigue and motivation.


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DeskLodge offers that working from home feel mixed with a ready-made community that keeps on growing and evolving on a daily bases, offering you a chance to meet new people, network with other like minded coworkers and often make new friendships.

Yes, we offer permanent spaces but we also offer a safe space where you can come and work whenever you feel like you need a change of scenery with the flexibility to do this on your own terms.


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A change can motivate and inspire you.

The way we all worked before the pandemic has changed.

We have all learnt to adapt and now is the time to grow.

Work the way you want to work.

Collaborate, Co-exist, Cowork…..


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