Company Profile – Cyber Distribution

Jamie Ellis
April 26, 2019
Company Profile – Cyber Distribution

High tech start-ups Cyber Distribution are a hotdesking team at DeskLodge Basingstoke, who use our fun spaces to run their business as an IT distributor, focusing on cloud connectivity and security solutions.

The sky is the limit for founder, serial entrepreneur, DeskLodger, Cyclist and owner of more Lycra than suits, Rob Leggett.


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What does your business do?

We help our resellers grow their business. We provide technology which gives them an edge, either more innovative, better, or lower cost. Sometimes all three. We are network specialists, selling wi-fi, network security, e-safety solutions, and solutions which help organisations gain hidden value from their infrastructure. We help our customers deliver value whilst retaining good margin.

In this cloud era, we look after our core business ourselves, outsource where it fits and implement cloud solutions for everything. Cloud phones, cloud CRM, cloud “office” services, and with Desklodge, we have a cloud style office, consuming what we want, when we want it.

How long have you been at DeskLodge?

Around 8 months, since the idea for my new business was first conceived. I’ve tried all sorts of office scenarios previously and I came to realise that they all involve getting hit with hidden costs that start-up companies just don’t need. I was introduced by another DeskLodger and have never looked back.

How do you use our space?

I like being part of the community. It is great to chat with fellow Desklodgers over a coffee, or game of table football! I love the Atrium it is big, light, airy, and not too quiet.

Why did you choose DeskLodge as a coworking environment?

I’ve experienced plenty of other co-working spaces around London but you are crammed in and the noise is often too much to get any serious work done. I love the little spaces too, web meetings from the bubble with the big cloud logo as a backdrop, and supplier meetings in the booths.

How does coworking at DeskLodge work for you and are there any successes?

DeskLodge just makes such sense for us. It’s a cloud-style office structure for a cloud-driven business. My colleagues and I enjoy working in the space and we regularly use it for meeting with suppliers and customers – who love it too!