Check in with yourself this Mental Health Awareness Week

Jamie Ellis
May 13, 2021
Check in with yourself this Mental Health Awareness Week

How are you doing?
The past year has been one of the most unstable and unpredictable situations in nearly all of our lifetimes.
A year on from lockdown one and we are still unsure what is around the corner, living week by week and feeling that making any plans for the near future is a battle in itself.

Despite enjoying thriving and busy lives (pre-covid) us humans also like a bit of security, we like to make plans and know where we are going in life, we like to feel comfortable.


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Living the Corona-coaster has certainly removed most of the above from our lives, we are feeling agitated and insecure from not seeing our families, working from home, worrying about keeping our jobs and not knowing what the future holds; even trying to book your covid jab has become a stressful experience. Our mental wellbeing has taken a battering!


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The confusion over where we can work is still a big thing. Many companies have continued to WFH whilst others have made the decision to get back into the office, not just to help with productivity but also to improve the wellbeing of their staff.




Here at DeskLodge, we have been welcoming members, new and old, to help during these difficult times with an aim to encourage a healthy mindset and work life balance.


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Whatever the reason, reduced productivity, poor home Wi-Fi or a lack of human contact all these issues are causing stress levels to rise and effect our mental wellbeing.

Please do not suffer in silence.

Take care of your own wellbeing this year in support of Mental Health Awareness Week.

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