Building A Community

Jamie Ellis
May 20, 2018
Building A Community

Join our community...

Co-working isn’t just about shared space, free wifi and coffee, it’s also about creating a community: a mix of like-minded people who can inspire each other and make newbies feel welcome and comfortable from the moment they arrive.                  


We love our community at DeskLodge, we love that we have both regular members and new faces each week. The DeskLodge space grows, moves and adapts as different people join us or move on to a new adventure. We are flexible and that attracts large companies to lone hotdeskers who want to experience a home from home vibe that is fresh and ever-changing.

Our community have a chance to network and socialise in our open plan areas, they can work and eat together, attend events and unwind in our weekly yoga sessions (Bristol only). One way we like to encourage our DeskLodgers to get to know each other better is through our social events.



Inclusive Socials....

After organising many successful DeskLodge Social events, which usually consist of drinks, fun and  a chance to take time out from work life and meet new DeskLodgers, we recognised that not all of our DeskLodgers could attend the evening socials due to long commutes out of the city home. We also noted that not everyone (I know it’s hard to believe) likes to drink alcohol and despite us offering non-alcoholic drinks at the socials, some people are just not comfortable in those livelier situations.

Although every DeskLodger is welcome to join our socials we realised they were not quite as inclusive as we first thought. This is where the DeskLodge Breakfast Social comes in. DeskLodgers get to enjoy a free breakfast or pastry's, in a calmer atmosphere and still have the chance to network and socialise with fellow DeskLodgers.



Inclusivity is a major part of creating the perfect coworking community. You need to recognise any areas that need more work and act on them. We want every DeskLodger to feel comfortable and to feel they can come to us with an idea that we may be able to help you expand or improve.

In the future we would love to see more in-house meet ups and collaborations that involve our community, created organically by the Desklodgers themselves and supported by DeskLodge. We want to put all of our skills, talents and friendships together and use them in a productive way that we can all benefit from.


If you have an idea for DeskLodge socials, meet ups, societies and groups or skills to share with our amazing DeskLodge community then get in touch and let us know your ideas. Let’s collaborate and get productive!