Why it’s time to get back into an office

Jamie Ellis
April 22, 2022
Why it’s time to get back into an office

Why it’s time to get back into an office

The last two years have been a time of huge change. We’ve been asked to adapt in so many ways. From how we interact with people, to how we work. Suddenly setting up a make-shift desk in our kitchens and spare rooms is how we do business.

Yes, it was challenging in some respects (no one likes to have an important Zoom call from an ironing board). But in some ways it’s been quite liberating don’t you think? How often could we put a wash on in our ‘normal’ working day? Or make a carrot cake with the kids at lunchtime?

But things are changing again. COVID restrictions have lifted and now the opportunity is there to work in the office again. So the big question now is, should you keep working from home, or should put the ironing board away and go back into the office? Well, here’s a few reasons why employers should encourage their staff to do the latter.


Lockdown has isolated so many of us, and it’s easy to feel lonely. And although we may have phone calls, Zoom and email to keep in touch with the team, but there’s nothing quite like actual face-to-face physical contact. This kind of interaction sparks our creativity, empathy helps us back up to speed on all those social skills that may have been getting a little rusty. And remember gossiping by the kettle? We can look forward to that too! You would not believe what I overheard Derek saying to Linda…


Remember trying to get things done on a videocall? It was pretty frustrating, especially when Linda forgot she was on mute. And Harry kept dropping out because of his dodgy Wi-Fi. Being back in the office means we can all see and talk to each other properly, and achieve so much more as a result. Particularly Linda.


The truth is, there are more distractions at home than in the office (Netflix anyone?). And while they can be beneficial sometimes, they can take their toll over time. Working in an office takes them all away, leaving you focussed. And physically being there also lets you feel the energy and feed off it, boosting our own productivity.

Health & Wellbeing

Did you know that being around other people is good for our health and wellbeing? It releases oxytocin into the brain, which is a feel-good chemical. Not only that, but it also fights off not-so-good chemicals like cortisol and adrenocorticotropin, which aren’t great in large doses as they’re associated with high blood pressure, weight gain and heart disease. And hands up who showers a little less than they did when they went into the office? No judgements, we’ve all done it. Keep our usual high levels of hygiene makes us feel good too.

So for improved productivity, team work, and mental and emotional health, perhaps it’s time to move out of the spare room and take a little trip back into the office.