We're growing – 6 floors of DeskLodge awesomeness in central Bristol

Jamie Ellis
September 28, 2018
We're growing – 6 floors of DeskLodge awesomeness in central Bristol

DeskLodge Expansion In Bristol

We are very excited to announce that we have taken on our first whole building venture, which shall be known as the mighty - DeskLodge House. Situated on Redcliffe Way in Bristol, DeskLodge House is a only 3-minute walk from Temple Meads Station making it ideal if you’re a regular commuter!  

Coworking Space Of The Year Winners!

DeskLodge has been providing freelancers, contractors, SME’s and anyone who wants to work somewhere different, with coworking, private offices, meeting rooms and event spaces in Temple Way in Bristol city centre since the summer of 2015. This has been super successful and so well received. We have had great fun meeting lots of amazing and influential people, who have inspired us along the way too. Since arriving in Bristol we have also won the best coworking space of the year award.

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Rise In Tech And Demand For Office Space In Bristol

Due to the high demand for space at DeskLodge and keeping up with the fast rise in Bristol’s tech and creative scene, the desirability of the city and the rise in people moving from London to Bristol - as one of the best places to work and coolest place to live -  the demand was higher than ever for flexible, creative space.

We needed to grow to meet with the demand for office and coworking spaces in Bristol and just had to take up the opportunity to take on and build on our vision with DeskLodge House.

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DeskLodge Bristol - 025 - 4872
DeskLodge Bristol - 069 - 2178
DeskLodge Bristol - 041 - 2112

It’s Here - DeskLodge House, Our Biggest Project Yet

DLH, as it’s known, will have plenty of the famous quirky DeskLodge décor, with lots of amazing spaces spread over six floors of DeskLodge splendour! We will still offer our fantastic flexible memberships, hotdesking, fixed desking, private offices, meeting rooms, host events and meet ups and generally making DLH a great place for people to network and socialise.



There will be enough room for everyone from large businesses, freelancers to start ups and hotdeskers, who are looking for a new place to be awesome,  and insanely productive. DeskLodge attracts talent, people want to work from an inspiring place and we want more of it!

Book A Tour And Be One Of Our VIP DeskLodgers

We expect our first Desklodgers to be with us in November which is really exciting! There will be some super early bird offers to take up. And……for all of our current DeskLodgers, yes, of course, there will be an infamous Desklodge party to look forward to. Some sneak peek pics below.


So why DeskLodge?

DeskLodge was built to meet the demand in cities for coworking spaces. We have created positive work spaces and a new culture with our quirky décor and unique spaces offering contemporary teams the opportunity to move around the spaces and use them their own way, there is no structure, no stuffy office, people are happy to come to work at DeskLodge, it’s infectious!

We’re a laid back, modern and non-corporate space, you don’t have to book any spaces in our collaborative hubs, you are free to use the space as you need to. Whether it’s a casual team meeting, important conference calls or just a quiet space to knuckle down, everyone is catered for.

DeskLodge Bristol - 079 - 2203
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DeskLodge Bristol - 193 - 2410

The home from home feel mixed with the creative vibe offers you a chance to meet new people and take time out with perks including free fruit, massages, yoga and even an art club, there is always a buzz at DeskLodge and that’s what makes us unique. With so many options you get to decide how our space can work for you, every single day!

DeskLodge helps to build collaborations between entrepreneurs and ideas people who, until discovering our coworking communities, didn’t have the opportunity to meet like-minded people to collaborate with! Our DeskLodgers influence each other and help inspire you to make your dreams a reality. By connecting people and encouraging them to share skills and ideas DeskLodge have created a space for productive and friendly communities of influential people, to bounce ideas off of each other and help to solve problems, build their business and to reach their goals. It’s inspiring stuff!

See you soon!


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