The tale of DeskLodge Sovereign House

Emily O'Brien
December 9, 2022
The tale of DeskLodge Sovereign House

Once upon a time, we at DeskLodge were happy helping the good folk of Bristol work together, side by side, in a shared space. It was a wonderful time as we watched different people from different backgrounds with different jobs do their thing.  

Then we got itchy feet, and felt the need to spread the DeskLodge love further afield. We wanted a new, shiny, sparkly DeskLodge site. A second town we could call home. That’s when we found Sovereign House in Reading.

As Tom, our founder, explains: “Sovereign House is our first Reading site. It’s right opposite the station and is a beautiful building with high ceilings and huge windows. We think we've built something quite special for companies, teams and freelancers to get more done whilst having fun doing it.”

Yup, the workforces of Reading have a lotto look forward to. Our designers have worked so hard to create some incredible Zones & Themes throughout the space. Take a look at some of the draft sketches– they’re pretty cool.

We have five meeting rooms altogether: Greenhouse, Voyager’s Guild, Fish Tank, Surf Shack, Ye Olde Tavern. Then there are the forest and fairy-themed team booths. And a Moroccan Bazaar-styled breakout space. Meanwhile, our hotdesking spaces are inspired by the beach, with beach hut solo booths. Even the kitchen gets in on the act, with a funky witches theme running through it. Whatever kind of work you have to do, there’s an environment to suit you down to the ground.

Of course, as bright and amazing as our Zones & Themes are, they’re not as glittery and magical as the people who will be there to welcome you. So let’s meet the team!

Emily O’Brien is a veteran DeskLodge host, and used to work in our Basingstoke office. Emily is a bit of a festival fan, but when she’s not jumping around in a mosh pit she likes taking her dog for long walks. “My favourite area of the new DeskLodge office would have to be the Greenhouse,” she told us. “I love the décor and all the little trinkets.”

Natalie Radford is our new Workspace Manager. Away from making sure everything is just perfect for our visitors, Natalie can often be found climbing, skiing, hiking, trail running and generally making the rest of us feel unfit. “I love the sociable vibe of the kitchen,” she said.

We’re sooooo excited for you to experience DeskLodge Sovereign House for yourself. The good news is that you don’t have long to wait. We’re jangling the keys and will be opening our doors very soon. We’ll keep you posted but in the meantime, sign up to our newsletter to receive a sneak peek of Sovereign House.