The Great DeskLodge Bake Off

Jamie Ellis
September 27, 2018
The Great DeskLodge Bake Off

Calling all bakers! Join the Great DeskLodge Bake Off!

In support of Bristol Giving Day on 10th October, DeskLodge will be throwing a Bake Off.

Each participant/ expert baker pays £5 to enter and brings in their amazing baked treat for judging on Weds 10th October!             

bake off.png

All of you lovely DeskLodgers will be the judges, paying £2 to eat the wonderful cake and vote for their favourites on the day, in a Yummy cake filled social event to find our first ever DeskLodge Bake off winner!

All the money raised on the day will go to the Bristol Just Giving Day charity event.

bake off 2.jpg

Bristol Giving Day is run by the Quartet Community Foundation who give grants to local charities and community groups, helping to change peoples lives from helping children living in poverty, adults with learning disabilities to servivors of domestic abuse and loney elderly people. Bristol Giving Day was set up to encourage businesses across the city to get involved too!


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To find out more about our Great DeskLodge Bake Off event come and have a chat with the DeskLodge staff and get your name on that Bake Off entry form!

Could you be our first ever DeskLodge Bake Off winner?

All the money raised will go to the Bristol Just Giving Day charity.

So get yourself signed up at the DeskLodge reception and get baking!