The flexible working solution you need in your life….

Jamie Ellis
October 16, 2020
The flexible working solution you need in your life….

What a surreal time we have all been experiencing, and sadly it appears as if we will continue to experience this for a while longer yet. So many things have had to change, sacrifices have been made and we have all had to adapt to the changes the pandemic has brought with it – it’s been tough.

Bristol is home to so many amazing businesses, entrepreneurs, and has become a great hub for startups. The Covid pandemic has caused so many challenges on the work front with most businesses not knowing what to do for the best. Many are trying to work from home, but as the time goes by, cracks start to appear and the urge to be back in the workplace is growing stronger.



Can a coworking space be the answer you’re looking for when working from home just isn’t working anymore? Perhaps coworking can, at least, provide an alternative option for a few days a week.

What do we do when working from home begins to bring us down?

Perhaps you are dreading the idea of working from home again, possibly for the foreseeable future. Are you losing touch of your home feeling like a home and instead feeling more like your workspace? Waking up at work, going to bed at work and repeat….

We all want to make a clear distinction between our work and home life, striving to get that perfect work-life balance, not only for our wellbeing but also for our productivity levels.

Although at first working from home can seem like a dream scenario, sadly for most, it soon becomes a drain on energy and happiness.


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Whether it is a house full of kids, a bad wifi connection, a lack of human interaction or a desperate need to leave the house, we all have our own individual reasons why home working isn’t perfect.

What if there is an inspirational and motivational workspace that’s Covid safe, with work zones such as a Tardis, an Alice in Wonderland world, a shire and a groovy coffee bar (where the coffee’s on tap), a place to break the monotony of working from home?

Whether it’s for three, two or just one day a week that you escape back to what was the normal going to work routine, you have the choice to decide and DeskLodge is the place that can help.



Bristol’s biggest coworking space

We don’t need to tell you that coworking is the new way of working.

Over the past five years DeskLodge has been promoting the benefits of coworking, and attracted big names as well as many start-ups, freelancers and SME’s as DeskLodgers.

We have shared the coworking love with the community with the most flexible memberships and packages in town, short contract office deals available with no big commitments, awesome hotdesking, hourly/daily meeting rooms and have hosted fantastic events. We have always been ready to change, expand, rework and adapt, whilst constantly coming up with fresh, new ideas,  giving you the peace of mind that we have your back.

We have become a hive for thriving businesses and growing entrepreneurs and nothing brings us more joy than seeing our members being successful and happy.

DeskLodge is a safe and friendly environment full of colourful, fun and often quirky spaces, this playful approach helps to inspire productivity and attract a unique community of like-minded people.


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The Desklodge team are a super-friendly bunch, always ready to great you at the door with a smile and a warm welcome to help you to feel at home. Always on hand to help and support our members to have their best day in our spaces. Whether it’s work related or just a quick natter by the coffee machines, Team DeskLodge are always happy to help.

Our solution and promise to you

As we crawl out from under the pandemic rock, we see a new world with bright eyes and new ideas. Yeah, it was great to be able to work from home (under the rock) for a while but you and your team are missing the close contact and - dare we say it -  a space to come together in real life, not virtually!  

The pandemic has taken its toll on us all financially and keeping costs down is a priority at the moment. Recognising this, we would like to introduce our new product Hoffices, the perfect union of both hotdesking and Offices (see what we did there?).

For as little as one day a week (on a monthly bases) you can now rent out your own private part-time office space where you and your -usually remote working -  team can thrash out that project and get stuff done in a flexible, fun and friendly environment. With unlimited hotdesking chucked in as an extra perk and superfast wifi and free coffee too; Hoffice has all your coworking needs covered.



Hotdesking is also perfect for lone freelancers and remote workers too, not only giving you a safe space to work in  - with desks socially distanced from your other coworkers - with the chance to meet and network with other coworkers or knuckle down in one of our quiet (and regularly cleaned) spaces!

With hotdesking memberships varying from our new 8 day passes which works out approximately two days a week for just £95 per month, our unlimited hotdesking membership invites you to work from our spaces five days a week at an outstanding £175 per month or perhaps you just want to drop in and work for the day? Our £20 day passes are perfect for you!

It can be super overwhelming trying to choose a space or a product that will work for you but the fear and stress of committing to a permanent space has been taken off your hands. Just book in, turn up and get productive!

Coworking can also help to combat loneliness and fatigue. It’s amazing how bringing people back together in a safe space can inspire and motivate you, with the opportunity to bounce ideas off each other and meet new people, the social element is so important too.



With lots of choices of fun spaces to use – bringing an end to the same ol’ four walls office – coworking at DeskLodge is inspiring and motivating with happy coworkers who have come to DeskLodge for the same reason as you, not just for the super-fast wifi and good coffee but mostly to get stuff done!

Desklodge are here to help your business and your wellbeing, giving you peace of mind there is somewhere else you can go to work if things get too much at the home office.