The DeskLodge Top Productivity Apps 2019

Jamie Ellis
May 17, 2019
The DeskLodge Top Productivity Apps 2019

DeskLodge thrives on keeping you productive and we are always looking for new ways to improve productivity and to share new tips and hacks.

We have spoken to a few members of the DeskLodge Bristol Team and to our DeskLodgers about the apps that they are loving right now.





A favourite of DeskLodge Operations Director Jamie Ellis, this app is perfect for list writers and people looking to organise their busy workload and life all in one place.

All you have to do is write down a list of all the things you need to get done and then todoist will categorise a list for you, even sending you prompts and message before meetings and daily tasks.

Jamie says

“I was fed of scribbling notes I couldn’t actually read and was told about Todoist. After trying several other apps, I found it the most simple and easy to use. It just helped me unload thoughts, tasks and notes and I haven’t looked back since”.





A visually pleasing project management app that breaks down your projects into tasks, known as ‘cards’. Each card breaks down into columns so you can monitor your progress as the task (or card) is carried out, until you get to the last column where your task is then completed.

DeskLodger Rory Walker from Quadrotech says,

“I use Trello to maintain a list of all the things I have to do, when they need to be done by, level of importance, and associated files and attachments for each thing”.




This communication app has been around for a while but is still growing in users from small teams to corporate businesses using the app on a daily bases. This app was created as an alternative to group emailing.

At DeskLodge we use this app to share events, news and daily updates to all of our coworking space users and teams, in turn they can also share their news and views too. We also have a buy/sell/advertise channel where our Desklodgers can do just that without having to ‘spam’ the main DeskLodge chat channel.

The fun side of slack is that you can add videos, links and gifs to make your posts more engaging. Much better than an email!

DeskLodger Toby Beresford from says,

“I use Slack to keep in touch with people in various projects. It's especially good with distributed teams.

I use a variety of task tracking tools - one project uses Asana to track all tasks, another uses Monday for task tracking, both help us do a regular weekly reprioritisation of tasks to make sure we're aligned to business goals”.



A social media management app that allows you to schedule posts for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin pages all in the same post. You can schedule posts as far ahead as you need to and can easily amend scheduled posts content and the times/dates that they will be published.

You can connect all of your social media platforms to the App, which means you don’t have to sign in to each platforms individually. The app automatically posts your scheduled posts for you.

DeskLodge Content Media Manager Emma Gorton-Ellicott says,

“Hootsuite is a social media game changer and I use hootsuite on a daily bases. I can schedule posts together on all platforms in one post, rather than manually adding a post to each platform individually (in real time) which is so time consuming, it’s exhausting!

I can also check in on what is scheduled in and other users can use the same account too to check what is already planned in. I’d like to see some improvements with Instagram on the app but other than that it’s a productivity winner!”




Booksy is an appointment booking solution app used by hairstylist, barbers, spas and salons that allows their clients to book their appointments, using the app, without having to contact the business direct. It offers appointment booking, calendar scheduling (for future appointments) and online payments.

DeskLodge Host Sabrina McCue says,

“I use Booksy, to book hair appointments, it’s a really useful app to use and sends me a notification to remind me of my upcoming appointments. It also lists my past appointments and who I had my appointment with, I am then able to book the same person again.  

“It shows me what days my preferred stylist is in the store and what times she is working until and has a star rating and reviews, their opening times, telephone number and location on a map. I use this app because it is so quick and easy, I also love the fact that I can find all the information I need and there is no need to ring up”.




Sabrina also loves BrightHR a super-efficient HR support service for SMEs that is also used by DeskLodge!

Sabrina says,

“This is such a easy way to book annual leave and I like the fact that I can see if anyone is going to be off at the same time as me, how many days you have left of holiday and what days you have taken, including Bank holidays.

The layout is really simple to understand, and I can view my important employee documents at any time”.


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A great tool for freelancers, Toggl keeps track on how much time is spent on each task.  Toggl also works for salary-based workers, keeping you informed on your productivity and helping you become more efficient and realistic when planning future tasks.

Although we do not have first hand approval of this app, it certainly seems like something that may be very useful to many of our hotdeskers!




Tired of paperwork? Want to minimise the long process of documentation signing?

The HelloSign app is an electronic signature software app that puts an end to all that time-consuming document signing, scanning, printing and emailing. It can even be used within gmail, claiming to sign documents in less than 30 seconds!  Plus, it’s a paperless system which means it’s also great for the environment! What’s not to like here?




This app has dramatically changed the way we shop and run businesses. A small business no longer needs to set up a bank account or purchase a card reader to receive payments and as with all digital banking apps, you don’t need a card, just your phone or laptop and the name of the account you are paying.  

There are so many digital banking apps that are coming through but Paypal is still a front runner for todays online banking apps, by completely changed the way we make and receive payments.  




Never has arranging a meet up with your mates been so easy. This online scheduling tool allows multiple people (whoever you invite when you create the poll) to choose their preferred date/time to meet, with instant results that everyone can access.

There’s none of this, I can do this day, not this day or this day nonsense, no going back through messages to see who said what, just a simple tick on which date you can do and the most popular date wins.

This app cuts down on indecisive decision making and confusing lists of dates and times, offering a clear result instantly. It’s also got a fun name, that makes you want to like it however good it is! This app is a meet up with your mates game changer! (That’s also great for business meetings too….).

Thank you to the below blogs for app information sources.