Reasons why you should start listening to podcasts today

Jamie Ellis
October 14, 2022
Reasons why you should start listening to podcasts today

Reasons why you should start listening to podcasts today

We all like to be entertained, learn new things or just keep up to speed on topics that interest us. But how do you do it at the moment? Do you hop on The Google and sniff out relevant websites? Or perhaps you read industry updates or magazines? Maybe you find what you need on TV.

There is another way, of course. More and more people are plugging in to podcasts for all their information and entertainment. And here’s why:

Less screen time
We’re under a lot of pressure nowadays to reduce the amount of time we stare at our screens, whether that’s PC or phone. And rightly so, let’s face it. Podcasts are the perfect way to let our ears do some of the heavy lifting.

Listen on the go

And because we’re not glued to a device, we can do all kinds of things while we listen. Catch up on movie news while we’re making a cake. Learn about new business skills while we’re on our bike. Get the latest world affairs while we’re washing up. Your favourite podcasts are as mobile as you are.

You can learn as you listen

We know Podcasts are great for entertainment, but did you know they’re brilliant for education too? From learning more about your own sector to finding out how to improve at a certain skill set, there are loads of podcasts out there designed to make you better at what you do.

So many are free

That’s right. There’s so much amazing content out there that doesn’t cost a penny. Silly comedy, in-depth business analysis, news, movies, topical conversation, health and fitness, fiction, arts, science… You name it, whatever genre you’re interested in, you can find something for free. And even things like Audiobooks are pretty inexpensive when you consider how many hours of listening you can enjoy.

They’re good for your mental health
Sounds weird, right? How can podcasts do wonders for your wellbeing? Well, so many podcasts are simply conversations between two or more people. This relaxed chatting is warm and friendly, drawing you, the listener, into the discussion. This kind of connection is worth a lot– especially with the isolation of lockdown still fresh in our minds.

There are literally thousands of podcasts out there for pretty much everything you can think of. So dive in. We’re off to listen to our favourite podcast about gnomes. And no, we’re not even joking. Enjoy!