Quirky nooks and fun spaces

Jamie Ellis
September 29, 2017
Quirky nooks and fun spaces

DeskLodge wants to create a home from home workspace using a variety of unique places and spaces mixing the original office ideals with quirky and engaging extras. Our Bristol office has large open plan spaces and small office spaces to cater for many the many coworkers that pass through each week, with other fun work areas to find across two floors of DeskLodge fun.

With Tom Ball’s creative eye and a big imagination, DeskLodge Bristol is a vibrant space with amazing little features that continue to surprise you with each visit.

Here are some of the little spaces, nooks and quirks that may go un-noticed on your first visit, see if you can find them next time you are here!

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beach bar sign.JPG
beware of the hobbit sign.JPG
film projector (1).JPG
Grandmas kitchen shelf.JPG
Grass flip flops.JPG
space invaders.JPG
the olde lobster shack sign.JPG
zebra head.JPG