Productivity - The Basics

Jamie Ellis
April 5, 2019
Productivity - The Basics

We are going to focus on a series of productivity blog posts over the next few months, with a view to explore different ways we can all become more productive.

There are lots of productivity ideas out there and we want to share some of the main points in this easy to read post, for those of us who are always on the go!


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Humans like lists, they like prompts, we don’t always have time to read a whole book on productivity, we want those instant easy fixes that can be putting into practice right now!

It’s surprising how quickly a basic schedule can be pushed aside by sudden deadlines and general life admin, we get it. By making small changes to your schedule you can make things much more productive and stress free in the long run!

Here are our Top 10 productivity tips                  

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1.       Review your calendar every week

Do this on a Sunday night – it may be a bit late to do it Monday morning just as you miss your train to that important meeting that ‘weekend You’ had forgotten all about!

2.       Check your diary every morning & night

Is picking up your phone the first thing you do when you wake up? Just checking in on your social media??? You should be checking your diary first!!! Seems simple enough but so many of us neglect this task. Make it a priority.


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3.       Write out a to-do list for the day and cross stuff off as you achieve them

Spill your brain onto a notepad (hard copy or digitally) do this before you start your day, even include answering emails and life admin. Get everything on there and cross stuff off as you achieve them. It gives you a warm glow as you feel like you are getting stuff done!  

4.       Write out your goals for the week

This is different from your daily to-do list but can include simple daily chores to life goals. You’ll be amazed what you can get done whilst following a list and you may even be surprised with the things you pop on it. Get inspired! You can do it!

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5.       Keep to a routine but don’t set unrealistic deadlines

Whether we like to admit it or not, even the most spontaneous among us, like to have some routine to our day.

Whether it’s starting work at the same time or planning what you are going to wear the night before, little things can help take your mind away from stressing over insignificant worries and keeping your brain alert and active.

If you have a busy day scheduled in, don’t add in even more activities, can it wait just one more day? Most often than not, it can.

Keep focused on your daily tasks, safe in the knowledge that tomorrow is another day to work on all those things that are on your to do list. Be kind to yourself!                 

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6.       Take a break

Seriously! Take a break! If you are getting tired, stressed or becoming unmotivated it is definitely time for a break. It will not mess with your productivity, it will help your well being.

7.       Go for a walk

Are you one of those people who never leaves the office?? Get yourself outside for some fresh air and find out what’s happening in the world! A walk through a park, by some water or even a 5 minute brisk walk around your area will clear the cobwebs and get your brain ticking again! Plus, walking is a brilliant way to get some exercise! It’s a win win!                    

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8.       Take time out, listen to music or read a book

Listening to music is good for the soul. If you are feeling stressed or down or need some motivation, listening to your favourite tunes will rejuvenate you. Music is also very relaxing, think of parents singing their children to sleep, they are on to something!

Same with books, find a quiet corner, settle in and read a couple of chapters of your book or listen to an audio book. Again, having a book read to you as a little kid made you feel inspired and relaxed! All great for removing you from your worries and stresses for a moment and inspiring you to go get ‘em!

9.       Stop to eat your lunch!

Put that Sainsbury’s meal deal down and step away from the laptop! Take time and actually take a lunch break. Find a space to eat and actually look at what you are eating - Food feeds the brain but not if you don’t even remember eating it! Recharge your batteries and don’t forget that regular glass of water too!


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10.   Talk to other humans!

The word coworking already gives out the impression that there will be other people around you. In our spaces there are so many areas that allow you to move around and meet other coworkers on your travels.

The best way to meet new people is to go talk to them. Why not eat your lunch with other people? We want to spread that community vibe here at DeskLodge and welcome everyone to join our family!

Talking to others is an escapism from all that work that has been stressing you out! You might even meet someone who can help you with that work-related problem you’ve have been stuck on for the past hour!

People are also incredibly funny, they tell stories and take you to another place, even for a moment, and sometimes that’s all you need to get you out of that productivity rut and pushes you on to achieving those goals!