Our top 4 work predictions for 2022 and beyond.

Jamie Ellis
December 31, 2021
Our top 4 work predictions for 2022 and beyond.

Our top 4 work predictions for 2022 and beyond.

The last couple of years has seen everything we’ve ever known about ‘work’ turned on its heads, and then pulled inside out. Even now, we’re just getting to grips with the possibilities and limitations of remote and flexible working. So, what will the future of work look like? Well, Tom Ball, our Founder, has a few predictions.

1.      Hybrid working is here to stay.

Hybrid working. Flexible working. Whatever you call it, it’s going to grow and grow. But rather than thinking about ‘flexible’ as being half at home, half at the office, I believe ‘flexible’ will really mean working from anywhere. Literally. I see so many more places being used by workers as drop-in hubs. Very fluid, very convenient. And with technology advancing at the rate it is, everyone will be connected like never before. It will give workers a whole new sense of freedom, where they can be creative and productive in more relaxed and personal environments. Sure, spend time in the office too, but don’t limit it to just being there.

2.      It’s all about the balance.

For years we’ve all been struggling with getting that work/life balance just right. Too much work, and you feel as though you’re on a treadmill. You forget what you’re actually working for. Too much life and you might feel guilty that you’re not putting in the hours. I believe that will change. If we’ve learned one thing from the various lockdowns, it is the importance of family. We actually saw more of our loved ones. We talked together more. We walked together more. We made banana bread together more. We were reminded of our priorities. And we enjoyed it (apart from the banana bread).

I think the work/life balance will be more important in the future than ever. And employees will be demanding a more flexible way of working that will give them the kind of balance they want.

3.      Motivation

Keeping remote teams focussed, productive and motivated will be a super-hot topic for2022 and beyond. Companies will put more weight behind effective communications, especially when it comes to wellbeing. Expect some incredibly  creative ways of engaging and interacting with remote employees.

4.      Easy does it

I feel where the industry will continue to innovate and improve is the ease of use of workspaces. By that I mean having options and no commitments. From an unplanned drop in to a hot desk, to a rolling booking of a bigger office space, it will be all about simplicity and choice. That’s our focus at DeskLodge. The easier we can make our products and services to use and sign up for, the more we can attract growing teams.

Then there’s the reassurance of solid, reliable tech. Whether that’s great videoconferencing facilities, or just WiFi that won’t drop out when you need it most. We know so many teams don’t want to work from home, so we need to ensure re liability. And don’t forget location of offices. We’ve seen the advantage of having workspaces that can be reached easily, and have cafes, coffee and shops nearby. Making working as easy as possible will be a big thing for 2022 and beyond.

Thanks Tom! Some great foresight there. Any chance you could share the winning lottery numbers for Saturday?

Tom Ball - DeskLodge founder (far right)