New to coworking? Explore our blog!

Jamie Ellis
September 10, 2020
New to coworking? Explore our blog!

It has been really exciting introducing new companies and freelancers to coworking over the past few years.

Watching people’s eyes widen with surprise, delight (and sometimes confusion) as we tour them around our fun, colourful coworking spaces - with trees popping up in the middle of an event space or a Dr Who inspired Tardis room (which actually is bigger on the inside) – really gives us a buzz!



Then the covid pandemic hit and the idea of coworking became a big no-no as the whole world came to a standstill during lockdown.

We were all told to stay home and after the mad idea of working from home became a reality, we found that our feet had started to get quite comfy underneath our kitchen tables and home offices.


jamie home office 2.png

People became more anxious and rightly so. Having to commute to go to work in an office  with other people (!?!) suddenly seemed like madness. Some companies even decided they would never return to the office…..


Alice Room (Mini Booths View) + People Working (1).jpg

But then…slowly….you start getting bored of your surroundings, those new fun zoom meetings – which wacky background shall I have today? – suddenly became a bit passe, the coffee at home isn’t as good, you are still in your PJs, you haven’t left the house in a week and if your family aren’t driving you mad then the loneliness is..


3rd Floor Kitchen + Using Coffee Machine (1).jpg

One of the reasons DeskLodge came to be, was to get people out of the home offices (and cafes) and into an inspiring environment where they can become super (even insanely) productive.

With lots of choices of fun spaces to use – bringing an end to the same ol’ four walls office – coworking at DeskLodge is inspiring and motivating with happy coworkers who have come to DeskLodge for the same reason as you, not just for the super-fast wifi and good coffee but mostly to get stuff done!



We will agree that the world has changed a lot in the past few months and who knows when it will ever be back to normal, as we knew it.

This is the new normal and coworking can still be a huge part of that, social distancing and cleanliness abiding!  

Many companies are already rethinking their working strategies as coworking goes back to its roots of combating loneliness whilst bringing people together in a safe, affordable space.



Even if you do decide that you can work remotely a little more than you used to, perhaps being more present in your families lives and taking a little bit extra time for some self-care to look after you; you will also benefit greatly from meeting up with your colleagues face to face a couple of times a week.



This is where coworking can step in, not just for meetings (in one of our 20 meeting spaces) but the chance to work together as a team.

It’s amazing how much more inspired and motivated you will feel bouncing ideas off each other, and the social element is so important too.

DeskLodge has come up with a solution to cater for teams of hotdeskers (it’s been in the back burner for a long while) and now, as we are all returning to work, is the best time to launch Hoffices.


Private + Medium Space.jpg

As the name suggests, Hoffices is a mix of Hotdesking + Offices (not a mix of David ‘The Hoff’ Hasselhoff + Offices  - as suggested by one DeskLodger!)

You can bring in your team and rent a private office at DeskLodge on a part-time basis, with unlimited hotdesking chucked in too! Find out more about Hoffices here.

Hotdesking is also perfect for lone freelancers and remote workers too, not only giving you a safe space to work in  - with desks socially distanced from your other coworkers with free coffee and wifi  - with the chance to meet and network with other coworkers or knuckle down in one of our quiet (and regularly cleaned) spaces!



We hope that this post has helped with any anxieties or questions you may have had about returning to work and using coworking spaces in this new world.

Being flexible and understanding what every DeskLodger needs is our main focus, alongside keeping our spaces as safe as possible.


IMG_20191121_114124 (1).jpg

Returning to a crowded office space really is not an option right now.

Flexible coworking is the way forward, benefiting your safety, your well being, your bank balance and, most importantly, your business.

Coworking is the future – why not come and be part of it?