NEW Product Release – The Day Office

Jamie Ellis
October 22, 2021
NEW Product Release – The Day Office

Wake. Work. Put a wash on. Sleep. Repeat.

Yup, working from home can get a little repetitive, even for the most focused and driven teams among us. That’s why at DeskLodge we’re super excited to reveal a brand new, shiny way of working that could be just what you’re looking for. Ladies and gentlemen, presenting The Day Office! It’s the perfect way to get the team back together again once (or twice) a week.

Here’s how it works:

Select a DeskLodge from one of our  handy locations, let us know the size of your team and when you want an office , and off you go. There’s super fast WiFi on tap, dedicated work desks and monitors (subject to availability), full use of breakout spaces and meeting rooms, helpful humans to lend a hand, and unlimited coffee and tea… You’ll have the run of the place! Oh yes, and we’ll even give you 25% off your first Day Office so you can treat your team to lunch. Boom.

The Day Office is perfect for teams of four or more, who want to reconnect with the rest of the crew. It’s a flexible way for you to touch base, catch up and hang out. And engage with much-needed face-to-face communication, without the need for Teams or Zoom. Crazy idea, eh?

We wish we could say that this idea came from one of our own bright sparks, but we can’t take credit for it. This lightbulb moment came from you… We listened to what our members were saying about how their needs are changing in COVID times. And how they needed human interaction every now and again, at times to suit them.

And so far, it’s getting rave reviews. Alice, from Vizolution says: “Plenty of space, easy to find, easy to get connected and get working and excellent reports on the coffee machine!!”

So if you or your team are suffering from working-from-home fatigue, The Day Office can turn your ‘meh’ into ‘motivational’.

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