National Coworking Day 2019

Jamie Ellis
May 24, 2019
National Coworking Day 2019

Have you ever been curious about using a coworking space?

Ever wanted to know what happens at DeskLodge?

Join Desklodge on Thursday 6 June for National Coworking Day!


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As part of National Coworking Day, many coworking spaces across the UK will open their doors inviting companies and individuals to experience coworking for free for the whole day!

We have 50 spaces on offer at each site with an opportunity to hotdesk for free, meet all of our lovely DeskLodgers and try out our amazing spaces!

You are welcome to join us as a lone hotdesker or as part of a team.

DeskLodge has three UK locations in Bristol and Basingstoke and we shall be opening our doors at each site.

If you are interested in a free bit of hotdesking, then find out what’s happening at your local DeskLodge!


DeskLodge Bristol - 032 - 2085

Bristol Old Market

The day includes lunch, a panel discussion featuring current DeskLodgers from private office users to hotdeskers, who will be sharing their experiences on why coworking works for their business.

Come and meet the DeskLodge Old Market community and find out for yourselves what a welcoming, inspiring and inclusive environment our coworking spaces really are!

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DeskLodge House, Bristol

There will be lunch and a chance to hear from successful DeskLodgers who have used our space and flexible working ti enable them to be there best. We will share the DeskLodge love and why coworking just works.

There will also be a prize and giveaway on the day of a free months unlimited hotdesking.

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DeskLodge Basingstoke

We would love to welcome DeskLodgers & their friends to join us for pizza, soft drinks and of course the opportunity to have a super productive day from our space. If you’d like to or know someone else who should give coworking a go, here’s your chance!

If you’re a local business or a company who have staff commuting out of Basingstoke or just need a change from usual office, why not give your team the chance to work closer to home and more time to focus on the good stuff.

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