Narnia Opening

Jamie Ellis
April 1, 2018
Narnia Opening

Step into Narnia at DeskLodge Basingstoke!

DeskLodge are so excited to share our fantastical Narnia quiet room at our Basingstoke location. There was a successful launch party where we had some drinks and nibble with awesome people to celebrate, as our founder Tom Ball unveiled the amazing space on the 7th March.

Narnia - As you step through the magical wardrobe doors, you enter another world of lions and quirky decor with one person workspaces and standing workstations to ensure you have a hideaway to create your best work.

This quiet zone is designed to maximise productivity when you need to work through the email inbox or some headspace from colleagues.  Seeing is believing so come on in and relive your childhood while you actually work.

Desk Lodge Narnia Opening-7.jpg
Desk Lodge Narnia Opening-11.jpg
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Desk Lodge Narnia Opening-10.jpg