Myths and misunderstandings about co-working spaces

Jamie Ellis
September 23, 2022
Myths and misunderstandings about  co-working spaces

Co-working spaces, like the ones we have here at DeskLodge, have really caught on over recent years. More and more people are discovering the freedom and inspiration they offer, whatever kind of business they’re in.

But, incredibly, there are still a few people who are yet to be convinced. We put this down to a handful of myths and misunderstandings about co-working spaces that are still floating around. Well, allow us to set the record straight.

'They're just for start-ups and freelancers'

Ok. Yes, co-working spaces are absolutely ideal for small businesses just starting out and solo workers who want an office and all the bits and bobs, but not the overheads. That’s all true. But co-working spaces like ours are used by all kinds of companies, big and small, old and new.

Take recruitment agency Consortia. They took an office with us in the pandemic and have since tripled in size! And Wardell Armstrong, who grew from two to 18 people in just one year. Or even Brightelm, who have been DeskLodging with us since waaaay back in 2017. Myth busted!

'I need a private office, not an open busy space'

We completely agree. Sometimes we just need peace and quiet to get our head down and smash that report. Or we have to host an important video call without background noise. ‘Co-working spaces’ doesn’t have to mean working elbow-by-elbow in a noisy environment. It can mean finding the kind of place that’s right for you and your work, with people who are looking for the same thing.

That’s why at DeskLodge we have so many different areas for match your mood. Yes, there are busy open plan areas where you can feel the buzz, but there are also quiet spaces where you can zone into your work, and individual offices and conference rooms for ultimate privacy. Myth busted!

‘They’re only for extroverts'

You might think that a bustling co-working space where you can bump into all kinds of personalities on your way to the kitchen is perfectly suited to extroverts, and only extroverts. You’d be right– and wrong. You see, extroverts thrive in a place where they can put themselves out there.

But there’s also so much for introverts to get out of it. First of all, it’s worth remembering that ‘introvert’ doesn’t mean ‘anti-social’. And introverts rarely want to be on their own or isolated. Introverts simply process a lot of information and emotions internally, but they can still enjoy meaningful interactions with people in co-working spaces. That’s because a really good co-working space will offer a range of different environments. At DeskLodge, for example, there’s no shortage of quiet spots, ideal for introverts to feel relaxed, comfortable and included on their terms. Myth busted!

'You have to sign a long-term contract'

We can’t speak for every company offering co-working spaces, but from our perspective, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Here at DeskLodge we’ve created a range of super-flexible contracts and options that suit workers down to the ground. Whether you’re a freelancer, a small group or a bigger team. Myth busted!

Phew, we’re going to have a little lie down. It’s hard work busting myths!