Mental Health Awareness Week - You are not alone

Jamie Ellis
May 22, 2020
Mental Health Awareness Week - You are not alone

Due to the current and extraordinary changes in our lives at the moment, Mental Health Awareness Week seems to have passed many of us by….

With a drastic reduction in positive posts on social media compared to previous years, it would seem we have so much on our plates that we have exhausted ourselves and become overwhelmed with what is important in our lives and for our businesses, and that’s completely understandable.

It’s not that we have forgotten about Mental Health Awareness Week, it’s because we are living it.

Every single one of us is suffering from mental health issues right now, we have been so brave and have been supporting each other for weeks, and now months… that we have blown out, like we are beaten and done with it all.


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Well, we are not beaten, we have done so well, and this time couldn’t be a more important time to raise the awareness of mental health and that we are all feeling it right now! The pressures are immense and why wouldn’t they be? We are worrying about our businesses, our jobs, our family’s safety, our kids schooling, and each day is a real struggle.

We are missing our friends and mourning our old lives and none of us know when things will go ‘back to normal’ and if it will it ever go back to normal and what is normal anyway?

These are extreme circumstances and you have the right to be confused, upset and sad. We’ve earned our stripes during lockdown, so now is the time to come together - like we do when we clap for the NHS in the streets and on our new favourite pastime Zoom - we need to come together, SUPPORT EACH OTHER and BE KIND TO OURSELVES!


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There is no shame in admitting you have mental health issues - from feeling down, to stress and anxiety to feeling overwhelmed, these are all basic mental health issues - and this time is the time we can all admit, we are suffering!

Simple things like talking to others, taking time out to relax, keeping fit and doing something you love are basics in looking after yourself and your wellbeing. BE KIND TO YOURSELF.

We will get through this! TOGETHER!

At DeskLodge we have always taken mental health issues very seriously and have written a few blog posts to help our DeskLodgers during Mental Health Awareness week and beyond with mindfulness techniques, dealing with stress and overcoming loneliness in the workspace. Read more on this below and start practicing wellbeing techniques for yourself.


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