Member Success - The CAI Company

Emily O'Brien
March 17, 2023
Member Success - The CAI Company

The CAI Company are turning science fact into science fiction. They deliver incredible Conversational Artificial Intelligence (CAI) strategy, design and build expertise for big organisations. They’ve been with us since 2021 and have doubled in numbers (that’s both staff and profit!). Discover more about this fascinating topic. and what they love about working at DeskLodge. (By the way, a human wrote this. Or did they?..)

What does CAI do?

The CAI Company is a team of highly skilled specialists that provides Conversational Artificial Intelligence (CAI) strategy, design and build expertise to world-leading companies deploying Conversational AI projects. Conversational AI is a form of Interactive Artificial Intelligence that enables a humanlike interface (via text, voice, click, etc) between a user and computer system. It could be a web-based customer service chatbot, an intelligent voice driven telephone virtual assistant, a home automation control system, a robotic interface for critical engineering functions (such as oilrigs, etc), and it’s found across multiple channels such as webchat, voice, IVR, mobile apps and smart devices.

Designing and implementing Conversation AI uses techniques from computational linguistics, data science and user experience design to understand the constructs of language and automated conversational techniques to provide a solution that delivers demonstrable value to both parties in the conversation.  

What sort of growth have you had here at DeskLodge?

We started with Desklodge in October 2021 when recruiting 2new employees based in Bristol.  At the time we were a company with 5 employees. Since then we have doubled our number of staff and annual revenue/profits.

How did the pandemic affect your work?

Our company was born during the pandemic and at that time we decided that we would be a ‘Work from Anywhere’ company, yet with a base in Bristol for team gatherings and regular meet-ups.  So from an organisational perspective there was no impact.  If anything, the pandemic accelerated the demand for our work as Customer Contact Centres moved towards greater automation to maintain scale and growth at a time when the supply of labour was unpredictable.

What are your plans for 2023?

Continue to recruit awesome people and expand our opportunities within existing customer solutions, and new ones.  In addition we will start developing repeatable service/software packages that can be purchased on a subscription basis.

What’s been the best thing about working from DeskLodge?

It is an extremely creative workspace and promotes an innovation mindset, yet at the same time is very professional and excellent for team working or individual focus.  It’s a pleasant place to work and the Desklodge staff are amazing, always smiling and going above and beyond to help.  In the past some of us have worked in brown grey Regus buildings – never again! 

Describe YOUR DeskLodge in 3 words?

Creative Professional Friendly


Darren Ford

Founder / Director
The CAI Company