Member Success - Seeker Digital

Emily O'Brien
May 19, 2023
Member Success - Seeker Digital

Meet Seeker Digital. Small company, big future.

We recently gave a big DeskLodge welcome to Seeker Digital, a small SEO agency who are destined for big things. They’re already settling in very nicely, thank you very much. But just who are this group of bright young things who are obsessed with Google algorithms and curiously enthusiastic about keywords?

We caught up with Matt Willis, Seeker’s Senior Digital Copywriter. He tells us a bit more about what they do, why their culture is so important to them, and, most importantly, why DeskLodge is the perfect new home for their small but talented team.

Who are Seeker?

Who, us? We’re a Bristol-based digital marketing agency with a diverse, 16-strong team of content creators, marketers, SEO specialists, PR experts, and outreach gurus. We help businesses in a range of niches — from tech to healthcare and ecommerce to insurance — build organic traffic through performance SEO, link building, content marketing, and digital PR. We’ve been around since 2016 (we recently celebrated our seventh anniversary; happy birthday to us!).

It’s not all work here, though. While we’re proud of the work we do for our clients, we know how to have a good time, too. In the past year, for example, we’ve spent a very wholesome morning at a nearby RSPB nature reserve, stepped aboard a real concorde at Bristol Aerospace, had our tiny minds blown by Wake The Tiger, and taken part in a team treasure hunt that involved “borrowing” a busker’s guitar, recreating one of Banksy’s iconic works of art, and generally asking strangers to do peculiar things in the name of team building.

What does Seeker do?

In short,we do SEO. Which, for the uninitiated, stands for search engine optimisation —the art (or science, depending on how you look at it) of getting web pages and websites to rank higher in search engines such as Google. While that may sound straightforward, SEO has more layers than your average onion, so we need to be sharp in several areas: producing top-quality SEO-friendly content, keeping up with the latest in technical SEO, innovating link-building tactics, and navigating the tricky waters of digital PR.

We’re actually a pretty big deal in the SEO world. Don’t believe us? We’re regular exhibitors at the world’s largest SEO event, Brighton SEO, where our CEO Gareth Simpson and our Digital PR Manager Laura Mallinson recently ran their esteemed Advanced Link Building course for the fifth time. We’ll be back again later this year. Going to be joining us there? Check out our guide to getting the best out of the fest.

Why did Seeker move to DeskLodge?

As a business, we’re 100% committed to our hybrid working model. While we don’t mandate our teams being in the office (it would be particularly challenging for those of our employees who are based in India or the Philippines), we think it’s important to have a ‘nerve centre’ where our teams can collaborate in person, escape the confines of their homes, and enjoy the buzz of being in a public office surrounded by fellow eager and industrious types.

DeskLodge fits this objective like an appropriately-sized glove, allowing us to operate a flexible model through which our teams feel empowered to work wherever they see fit. For instance, it means that each of our departments — our SEO, outreach, DPR, and content teams — can enjoy what we call “team sync days”, gathering in person to benefit from some old-fashioned face-to-face time.

Besides, as Seeker thrives on a blend of creativity and technical expertise (and believes that working hard and having fun aren’t mutually exclusive), this environment couldn’t suit us better. The ‘quirky’ interiors and handy breakout spaces are great for massaging the imagination and promoting innovation, and the ample combination of large meeting rooms and private working areas effectively facilitates collaboration and autonomous working.

“Something I really like [about DeskLodge] is the independent local-business feel. We always want to support independent businesses.”

Gareth Simpson, founder of Seeker Digital

Why is Seeker committed to hybrid working?

“It’s funny, actually,” says our CEO Gareth Simpson. “Before we all went into lockdown,it was something we sold as a perk. You got a home working allowance of up to one month per year; then we went into lockdown, and everybody proved themselves, really.” But while this enforced work-from-home model showed that remote work didn’t limit productivity, many people were pretty keen to get back to office working when government guidelines allowed.

What we’ve discovered since is that a hybrid model suits us best. While most of our work can be done remotely, we often find that collaborations such as training sessions and 1-2-1s are more effective and enjoyable when done in person. This is why we encourage “sync days” and “focus days” (where we meet as a company to address notable matters, including important concerns such as AI and critical concerns such as who’s paying for lunch and where we’re going for post-work drinks).

“Here at Seeker,” says Gareth, “we consider ourselves a hybrid employer, and by that we mean there’s the option of working from the office or working from home (or wherever else you wish to work from). Some people like to come into the office most of the week, while others prefer never to come into the office. And then some people, like me, like to travel around quite a lot and pop up in random locations, taking advantage of coworking spaces all around the UK and throughout the world.”

What are Seeker’s plans for 2023?

“Seeker will continue to build on the success of last year, develop our services, our culture, and grow as required,” says Gareth. Like many businesses, of course, we can’t ignore the economic challenges that likely lie ahead. “There's no hiding that the economic climate is uncertain, and stability and safety are the priorities for us this year. We'll stick together, build on our culture, and keep working on ourselves, both as individuals and collectively. As a team, we’ll get together at DeskLodge for training workshops and have fun.”

I’ll leave our CEO and founder of Seeker, Gareth Simpson, to offer his final thoughts: “Thank you DeskLodge for being so friendly, welcoming, and helpful. We’ve had a great first month and we’re looking forward to spending many more here in the future.”

My Author Bio:

A Bristol-based digital copywriter, Matt Willis is a skilled and passionate scribe with a keen interest in an array of subjects; his varied written work can range from deliberations on advances in the tech industry to recommendations about the top wildlife-spotting destinations.

When he doesn’t have his fingers attached to a keyboard, you’ll likely find him hunting down obscure soul records, professing (inaccurately) to be an expert on craft beer, or binge-watching documentaries about sharks.