Member Success - Meeting Place

Emily O'Brien
April 21, 2023
Member Success - Meeting Place

Meeting Place is an awesome comms agency, specialising in the built environment. They do so much wonderful work to make a positive impact with communities, politicians and the media. Got a few minutes? Find out how much they’ve grown since joining us in 2021, how the pandemic affected them, and the best thing about working here with DeskLodge.

What does Meeting Place do?

As a comms agency specialising in the built environment, Meeting Place works with clients to create positive change from new development, through planning communications and public relations. Using our expertise in public affairs, PR, social value and digital campaigns, we make a positive impact with communities, politicians and the media. Our mission is to utilise the built environment as a force for good by recognising the potential of each development.

And whether it’s for customers, industry, landowners or entire communities, with the help of our digital and design team, we shape compelling content that builds that understanding and drives positive change.

What sort of growth have you had here at DeskLodge? 

Since joining Desklodge in2021, we have grown exponentially in terms of team members, success and generally as a business! We’ve also moved from floor 3 to 4… you could say we’re going up in the world! Although it may be a short space of time, we feel that the shift in our success can be seen through the work we’re doing to bring about social value within every project we’re involved In – something which we believe is a real USP. We’ve also bolstered our Design and Digital and PR teams – two distinct teams that help to set us apart from other agencies.

How did the pandemic affect your work?

As a national organisation with colleagues based in a variety of locations across England and Wales we were already well-versed in the art of working collaboratively yet from afar. The pandemic accelerated our decision to move towards hub-based, flexible working- allowing staff to work from anywhere, supported by their own co-working budgets. Desklodge acts as a ‘base’ for staff in the South West to gather at their own convenience.

What are your plans for 2023?

We’ve had an incredibly exciting start to the year, having launched our rebrand and new website last month. At the start of the year, we reported a 28% boost in like-for-like revenues over the last half a year, following several new client wins. Having delivered record revenues across all regional offices, the agency’s headcount has also grown from 26 to 37 over the last 12months, which will enable our expanded teams to eye up further growth as we head into the summer months.

What’s been the best thing about working from DeskLodge?

The best thing about working from Desklodge is having a space for people to collaborate, be productive, work independently, or to simply catch up with colleagues in one of the many fun spaces.

Describe YOUR DeskLodge in 3 words?

Fun, productive, creative.