Member Success - Codasip

Jamie Ellis
October 21, 2022
Member Success - Codasip

What you guys do?

We design and deliver configure micro-processors to customers around the world for use in consumer electronics

What sort of growth have you had here at DeskLodge?

We came here to start the Bristol office in February, with 4 UK R&D staff. Now we have about 20 and are growing rapidly.

How did the pandemic affect Codasip?

I was in my previous company so I can't answer that!

What are your plans for the rest of 2022 and beyond?

We plan to continue expanding, possibly moving to the new building next year

What’s been the best thing about working from DeskLodge?

The location is very convenient, and the monthly social is good fun

Describe YOUR DeskLodge in 3 words?

Convenient Location Working