Meeting rooms matter

Jamie Ellis
February 11, 2022
Meeting rooms matter

Meeting rooms matter.

Ask any company and they’ll tell you the same thing. Meeting and conference rooms are where the heavy lifting happens. The big get-togethers, the important client calls, the company announcements, the news and the updates.

The fact is, meeting rooms have a much more important role to play in today’s business world. No longer do they have to be boring, beige, functional areas.

They must be both inspiring and practical. Yes, they can spark creativity and fun, but they still need to have all the basics covered, like connectivity for video conferencing. After all, more and more meetings are now hybrid, with people attending in-person and virtually. State-of-the-art audio-visual equipment and monitors to hook up to for presentations are also right up there on the must-have list. To get all of this in a meeting room is a big ask.

At DeskLodge we try and make sure our meetings rooms tick all the boxes. In our Bristol location, for example, we have a meeting room inspired by NASA and outer space. Adorned with NASA logos and incredible astronomy images, it’s perfect if you’re brainstorming ideas that explore the unknown. There’s everything else you’d expect, like big screens and Wi-Fi that actually works when you need it. You’ll never have to say “Houston, we have a problem.”

From way up in space, to way down below the waves... Also in our Bristol location is the amazing Submarine room. The ideal place for deep dives into work, or some cod-ference calls (sorry). DeskLodgers have told us that these kind of themed meeting rooms help get the creative juices flowing.

Meanwhile, over at our Basingstoke location, you’ll find our Zen room. Designed for a more peaceful atmosphere, it offers somewhere a lot calmer. It comes in really handy too. Got a frustrated client on the call? Let the stress drift away…

Productive, practical and inspirational. Meeting  rooms should be as flexible as the work we do – with character as well as tonnes of top-notch tech. Get in touch and see for yourself.